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Making our neighborhood look good.

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We are problem solvers at heart. We take our responsibilities very seriously, but we meet new challenges with a creative, innovative spirit. We also develop solutions that fuel Bukit-Vista's rapid growth and underpin its success. We’re creating effective solutions while maintaining our spirit of fun, energy, and passion. Above all, we're team players. Are you one of us?

Our company values growth and innovation. We also deal with hospitality challenges on a daily basis. We use the most current technology and software to amplify the efficiency of our teams. We support our staff with the best tools and work environment for their success and we will invest in employee development and well-being.

Candidates must be tech proficient and willing to learn continuously to succeed in this role. This role is highly rewarding for the right candidate, who enjoys working in small, tight-knit teams and wants to see results.

Job Description

As a Content and Reservation Assistant, you will be handling our content management: from photography to social media. Responsibilities include but are not limited to.

  • Creating beautiful photo & written content for our various online platforms, social media outlets, blogs.
  • Photography skills are a plus but willingness to learn and experiment is seen as essential.
  • Inquiries must be answered within one hour, preferably faster.
  • Inquiries must be answered professionally and with superior product knowledge of our large and extensive property portfolio.
  • Must be ready to learn about room allocations, over-bookings, calendar management, channel management.
  • Meticulous and manage up to 40-50 bookings per day.
  • Must work closely with accommodation providers and property owners to ensure the accuracy of bookings.
  • Coordinating local support team and logistic teams to ensure the safe arrival and a properly prepared accommodation for the guest.
  • Customer support for the guest throughout the duration of their stay.
  • Local recommendations. Be able to provide keen insights on the local area activities, dining, cultural attractions, nature. Tips that improve the guest experience.
  • Ensuring that guests leave positive reviews and would recommend us.

Required Skills

  • Superior written/spoken English, Bahasa Indonesia and preferably a third language (Russian, Mandarin Chinese, or French)
  • Experience with website creation tools (Wix, SquareSpace, Strikingly) preferred but not required.
  • Experience with OTA management tools (Airbnb, HomeAway) 
  • Willingness to learn new computer technologies, mobile apps and workflows.
  • Experience in managing cloud-based spreadsheets, documents and popular instant messaging platforms.
  • Experience in demanding, high-paced, low-fault-tolerance work environments.  
  • Hospitality problem solving - assuring guest satisfaction, managing expectations, dealing with challenging personal situations

Employee benefits

  • Fabulous work environment in family homes, luxury villas, beachside resorts and cliff-top apartments. 
  • Company laptop - Apple MacBook Air or equivalent.
  • Company phone - Samsung S4, XiaoMi RedMi or equivalent.
  • Large format monitors and standing tables.
  • Meals provided - breakfast / lunch / dinner
  • Meeting guests from all over the world. 
  • Company dinners, happy-hours, concert tickets, villa holidays, and events. 
  • Work from home allotment.
  • Fast growth means fast promotions for the best candidates.
  • Generous bonuses for peak-season performance (June-August, Dec-Jan)
  • Pets allowed to the office and work-spaces.

Send over your CV, a LinkedIn profile, past projects. We like candidates that are passionate about hospitality, interested in technology and enjoy a fun workspace with lots of collaboration.

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