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Data analytics, automation, providing the latest technology for the team and partners.

We are problem solvers at heart. We take our responsibilities very seriously, but we meet new challenges with a creative, innovative spirit. We also develop solutions that fuel Bukit-Vista's rapid growth and underpin its success. We’re creating effective solutions while maintaining our spirit of fun, energy, and passion. Above all, we're team players. Are you one of us?

Our company values growth and innovation. We also deal with hospitality challenges on a daily basis. We use the most current technology and software to amplify the efficiency of our teams. We support our staff with the best tools and work environment for their success and we will invest in employee development and well-being.

Candidates must be tech proficient and willing to learn continuously to succeed in this role. This role is highly rewarding for the right candidate, who enjoys working in small, tight-knit teams and wants to see results.

Job description

As an in-house Internal Tools and Software Developer, you will solve three main problems:

  • Build and maintain tools for the team to make sure they have efficient daily operations
  • Providing human readable data report for our partners
  • Bring new and innovative technologies to be implemented in our business
While not in the job description, we want every person at Bukit Vista have a cheerful and upbeat personality. We are a hospitality company, delighting people is our core value. While we have an easy going working culture, everyone is a real problem-solver; you have an analytical mind and can navigate obstacles on the fly in a thoughtful and logical way.

Required skills

  • Excellent written/spoken English is required to communicate effectively with the team
  • Good understanding in OTA, iCal parsing and booking system for vacation rentals
  • Experienced with cloud computing & database and visualisation tools
  • Sound knowledge in data structures and algorithms, including the complexities of various algorithms
  • Familiarity with design patterns is a plus, solving large scale data problems is much preffered
  • Comfort with a popular programming language (C/Java/Python/PHP)
  • Willingness to learn and adopt new technologies

Employee benefits

  • Fabulous work environment in family homes, luxury villas, beachside resorts and cliff-top apartments.
  • Company laptop - Apple MacBook Pro or equivalent.
  • Company phone - XiaoMi RedMi or equivalent.
  • Large format monitors and standing tables.
  • Meals provided - breakfast / lunch / dinner
  • Company dinners, happy-hours, concert tickets, villa holidays, and events. 
  • Work from home allotment.
  • Fast growth means fast promotions for the best candidates.
Send over your CV, a LinkedIn profile, past projects. We like candidates that are passionate about hospitality, interested in technology and enjoy a fun workspace with lots of collaboration.
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