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    Bukit Vista are the largest Airbnb host community in the world with over 8000+ reviews and growing. Bukit Vista is resort & villa rental market-place and hospitality management community based in South Bali. Our Bali vacation rental listings are featured on Airbnb. We provide affordable villas, resorts and accommodations from Canggu to Uluwatu. This area is home to Bali's best beaches and the top surfing locations in the world. Guests can rent private villas that are close to the beach and experience the authentic Bali way of life. We partner with resorts, villas, apartments to provide the best accommodation options for travelers of every budget.

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    Updates on the Bali Volcano Situation

  • Villas

    Get fabulous properties for comfort and style. Between $89-$250 USD/ night for most properties. Beachfront and cliff-front villas starting at $500 USD/night. Best prices are always listed on Airbnb, our most dynamic hospitality marketplace & traveler community.












  • Resorts

    Trusted and reviewed properties offering iconic experiences in Bali. From rice paddy bungalows, to tree-house villages to beach front villas. Priced between $65-120 USD/night. This is an imaginative world of possibilities.










  • Bali Homes

    Stay and live close to Balinese culture, in local villages, with accommodations operated by friendly locals. Budgets are between $25-45 USD/ night.
















    Beijing, China

    This villa is amazing! It is actually what the photos displayed. Beautiful, comfortable, luxury. We have wonderful and impressive five nights here.


    California, USA

    All in all amazing stay, it's worth noting their cottages are super clean, quiet and they have great internet connectivity for Bali as well.


    Hamburg, Germany

    We stayed there for 6 nights and had a great time. The view and location of the Villas is very nice and and good for getting around the southern peninsular.


    Puchong, Malaysia

    We had a great time in Bali. We really appreciate your hospitality and pointers. We miss falling asleep and waking up to the sound of ocean waves against the cliffs already!


    Boston, Massachussets

    What can I say about this place? It's perfect. So perfect I extended my stay another week. I felt like I had my own apartment, and most of the time, the entire villa to myself! Everyone makes you feel at home and part of the family. They even hosted a big dinner for one night at the villa with everyone who was staying there, and it was great.


    London, England

    Stunning secluded location with amazing ocean views and beautiful architecture & decor. Unfortunately we couldn't explore too much as when we stayed it was very stormy but doesn't seem much else around, there are taxis waiting to take you to places but this would be the only way to really get anywhere so great if you're looking for an 'all-in' hotel.

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