• Authentic stays in a heritage cultural city

    Welcome to Jogja!

  • Nature Tranquility in Native Village

    Feel the atmosphere of a traditional Javanese architecture with the comfort of a modern living space. Designed with a touch of simple Victorian style, it will give a unique impression to your holiday.


    Located in the area of Bantul, this area is famous for its quiet and calm rural setting. From the pond, you can enjoy the green rice fields and hills.


  • Traditional Javanese Villa Home

    Experience to stay in a Javanese wooden house made out of teak wood. This villa located in Tembi, a cultural village that offer authentic traditional life of Java people. Expect to meet farmers, woodworkers, and a lot of friendly villagers here.

  • Stay Inside the Royal Palace

    Room inside a restored old Keraton building (Royal Palace). Experience the life of a Javanese palace resident.

  • Riverside Retreat Near the World's Biggest Temple

    Enjoy the tranquility of staying nearby Progo river in Borobudur area. In the night, you can only hear crickets, wind on the trees, and river water rustling around you.

  • Traditional Limasan House Overlooking Rice Paddies

    Experience the life among traditional Javanese family.

    Located in the tranquil area surrounded by rice paddy of Bantul region, give you the deepest access to the authentic Javanese daily life.

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