3 Easy Step to Assure Your Cleanliness Property

img | March 28, 2021

When transportation and flights were stopped for a while, it will certainly impact the accommodation industry. However, that doesnt mean people resonance your property or zero guests. In fact, many guests can not return to their home countries, and still looking for place for their stay.

Data from Airdna.com shows that there are still many new bookings, but most are long stays. Of course, that still give opportunity to property owners get bookings in this pandemic.

The chart above showing just how commonplace long-term reservations have become in recent weeks. Since the week of February 17th, the average global length of stay has increased from 3.3 days to 7.7 days — an increase of 133%. And reservation in 15-30 days is dominating in the first week of April.

Concern will also come up from the guest side. Is the property that I will stay in have a cleanliness standard? So, to reduce the guest concern, vacation rental players are taking stock of how they keep properties safe, clean and communicate those measures to guests.

Which means that if you have guests who want to stay, you can help them feel comfortable keeping their reservation by letting them know that your property has been cleaned properly.

Our team already create a few step to make cleanliness standard to our partners and community. Here’s the details :Preparation

Before beginning to clean the property, cleaners should understand about the precautions steps: 

  • Avoid touching face area
  • Wear a fabric face mask / surgical face mask
  • Wash hands frequently
  • Maintain psychical distancing, 1-2 meter per person
  • Germicidal disinfectant/wipes for surface cleaning tissues
  • Face masks
  • Gloves (disposable)

Sanitise the most touched surface

Prepare the tools and materials, such as disinfectant, towel, gloves, sponge and also bottle spray.

Sanitise using disinfectant and deep clean using sponge or towel. Focus on more contact surfaces and deserve more attention than others, which include:

  • Light switches, outlets, lamp and fan pull-chains and switches
  • Window sills, pulls, and handles
  • Cabinet pulls and knobs
  • Controls for large appliance and electronics (washer and dryer, dishwasher, stove)
  • Controls and cords for plug-in appliances and electronics (coffee maker, toaster, television, hair dryer)
  • Temperature controls
  • Hangers and luggage racks
  • Bureau drawer knobs or pulls
  • Remote controls
  • Amenities like soap, shampoo, and cleaning supplies
  • Toys, games, and child guest amenities like high chairs
  • Stair railings and outdoor porch railings

Update your listing

When your property is clean and meets WHO standards, the next step is to optimize your listing on Airbnb by changing the title “Cleanliness Standard” and adding a description that your property is clean and meet the WHO Standard. It can also help your performance in Airbnb goes up and make your listing more visible to book.

Focus on your cleanliness it’s mean you concern about the situtation, love your future guests and want to try to make things better. Stay safe & stay healty.

We have also prepared the PDF files to make it easier for you to control when cleaning. You can download on the link below.


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