3 Ways to Make Your Property Sell and Rent Fast

img Syelynn | April 13, 2021

Investing in property is considered very profitable, especially if the location is very strategic. Apart from being close to public facilities, there are a few more things that can make your property sell well. 

Here are the ways to make a property sell quickly that inspires us at Bukit Vista: 

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  1. Have adequate facilities

The most standard facilities for you to provide in each room are a mattress, a wardrobe, and a study table or shelf. You can set the standard for each bedroom’s equipment at a room rental price. Apart from providing these facilities, you also, of course, have to provide electricity and clean water for each room.

In addition, you also have to explain whether the bathroom facilities in the property that you are renting are inside or outside. On average, most customers want a bathroom in their room because it is more comfortable and easy to reach.

  1. Each Room Has Air & Light Ventilation

As we know, rooms that are located that are closed or inside the property, have the potential to be exposed to dampness and humidity. If so, they can get sick. That’s why many people are looking for rooms that are not located outside the house and directly face the outside. By facing the outside, residents can get air and sunlight that can enter directly from the opening (ventilation or window) of their room.

  1. Have a Security System

You must have often heard about the rampant crimes, right?This is due to a lack of supervision and security. To ensure the safety and security of customers, provide a stand-by person to guard your property unit at all times.

Make sure that the guard is someone you can trust. You also have to be diligent in controlling these properties. Don’t hesitate and hesitate to greet customers and ask how they are and how they are. That way, you can find out who the people are renting and who are the people who are just visiting.

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