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4 Tips Transform Your Property to Digital Nomad Friendly Space

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Digital nomads are the definition for people who are location-independent, use telecommuting technology, work remotely, telecommuting, and depends on their works to the Internet access through WiFi, smartphones, and laptop.

Due to the pandemic of COVID-19 is the situation when many stranded travelers remain to stay in the country due to travel restrictions and social or physical distancing policy worldwide. From this condition most of the stranded travelers are choosing short-term rentals for a safe place and among them are professionals which explained by The Washington Post reports that are looking suitable places for doing remote working as now this trend continues.

Furthermore, the more creative industries and sectors appear nowadays following the development of digitalization and globalization era which can do telecommuting from everywhere around the world, it is predicted that the number of digital nomads will reach 1 billion by the year 2035. In line with that research data, it might result that the rise of remote working in the future as 70% of businesses company expected to adopt remote working by the end of this year. Source

That’s the why reason for you to transform adaptively your property for nomad friendly travelers in this current situation and in the future by certain tips below:

1. Make Over the Lighting

Start to makeover your lighting room with eco-friendly products that are useful for a great money-saving tip such as you can use LED and CFL lights that will last much longer compared to traditional lightbulbs and you will not need to replace the light often. Moreover, this tip is ensuring that the desk area is well lit so the remoter traveler as a remote worker that stays in your place got the benefit from it too. Furthermore, you can additionally invest a unique desk lamp or a sturdy hanging lamp which will make a huge difference space looks in your room’s place.

2. Modify the Desk Space

Decorate your desk in your room’s property to make a cozy and remote working space-friendly by putting the hanging lights planters and over the desk or simply add a hint of marble along with some small and beautiful indoor plants. Besides that you can add a little shelf over the workspace desk so your nomad guest can save and put their things it and also don’t forget to make your desk looks like a“friendly-laptop user”. Several desk organizers and stationery otherwise can make your desk area look more polished and appealing.

3. Prioritize Your Wi-Fi Connection

The most important thing that a remote worker needs is a fast access and reliable Wi-Fi system to do their daily remote work. Furthermore, a fast wi-fi connection in your place can increase your guest impression that may give you good reviews and income. An article on USA Today as well as suggesting to reposition your router to see where it has the strongest signal or upgrading any old equipment of the wi-fi to the latest version. The other alternative suggestion to you is by offering a pocket Wi-Fi to your guest which on the other hand brings some flexibility to your rental property.

4. Add a Snack Corner or Coffee Bar

To make your property feels like in-home is adding a food supply for support your guest do their daily remote working. Furthermore, supplying a little snack and coffee bar near the workstation in your vacation property will get appreciation from your guests. Other than that, you can also to choose do a handwritten note for giving an extra personalized impression. By offering extra perks to remote workers as the stranded travelers in this hardships situation, you and your property as well can boost the popularity of your listings.

From all the tips above, you also can keep and maintain your short-term rental property during and after this pandemic of COVID-19 with being partners with Bukit Vista insights and ideas as Bukit Vista is the most innovative hospitality and property management company in the world that can make your STR property gives an income for you. Bukit Vista also a company that knew the key to getting excellent results on the best marketplace for short-term rentals because Bukit Vista is using machine learning & data science successfully to manage the more than a hundred property owners.

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