5 Ways to Make Guest More Comfortable in Your Property

img | April 14, 2021

Updated : 25 March 2021




Taking good care of property is very important for investment to continue to increase its value (capital gain) and attract the attention of customers to come to your property. Moreover, during a pandemic like now, of course, customers want a property that is safe as well as comfortable. By providing comfort and security, guaranteed property that you have will give the best return.

And here are the tips for maintaining and caring for the comfort of the property that inspires us at Bukit Vista:

Maintain electricity

Perform electrical equipment checks such as lights, cables and switches. Replace and repair if there is a problem. This is important because a power failure can cause many problems and result in paralyzed activity.

Protect from pest threats

Termites and rodents are common indoor pests that need to be eliminated, as they can cause a lot of damage to parts of the house.

Take care of the garden and yard

Your garden or flowerbed should be cared for and the grass should be pruned regularly. Remember, a property that looks beautiful will attract customers and also increase the selling price.

Keep the bedroom clean

The bedroom is a place that you have to keep clean, because this place will be a place to rest and unwind. For that, often clean the bed and change the bed linen once a week. If you have pets, then you have to go the extra mile in cleaning the bedroom. This is so that the animal hair does not spread in your bedroom area.

Keep the bathroom clean

The bathroom, which is a place to clean yourself, still needs to be cleaned. You also need to regularly scrub the bathroom floor and keep the cleaning tools in the bathroom properly. Make sure the family has towels and toothbrushes respectively. And remember use disinfectant also.

If all these things cannot be done completely by the property owner — maybe because the owner owns more than one property — then there’s nothing wrong with using or the services of a property management company to take care of all matters related to property maintenance.

At Bukit Vista, we make sure all of our guests get the best experience when traveling to our properties. Considering the importance of comfortable when staying on the property, www.rumah.com could be a good source that can guide the property owner.

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