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A Mutually Beneficial Partnership

For influencer and brand ambassador

How we see marketing strategies

In our field of business, which is hospitality services, we value each and every guest. We treat them not just like a customer, but more like a friend. In the new hospitality practices that we want to start, the service is supplemental. The real value that we want to achieve is an authentic local hospitality experience, rather than transactional.

This practice is a foundation of our mission to bring the entire travel ecosystem to have a trusted and reliable community supported by authentic local people. This hopefully will bring our marketing effort to a different level. Not to stop at conventional advertising with broad reach, but more into specific niche with higher possibility to use our service. This kind of marketing would be provided by real user of the service advertising to their peer with authentic recommendations, instead of active one way advertising from the business owners spreading blindly to random directions.

For us, one thousand audience with 70% chance to convert into business is better than ten thousand audience with 50% chance. And this can be achieved by an authentic and trusted brand ambassador, which is mostly our previous guests that leave a review on many platform.

Where an influencer can fit into this strategy?

Bukit Vista always open to new ideas and innovation. We don't want to miss an opportunity. We discuss, research, and measure to understand how innovation can help us better. We've been working with blogger and social media influencer before. However, we need to understand about how an influencer will represent our company or services and more importantly, to support our mission to deliver authentic and trusted travel ecosystem.

If you think your persona is matched with our mission and you have online presence with potential to guide the opinions and behaviors of your follower audience, send us your partnership proposal.

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