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A review of La Favela

A look at one of Seminyak's top destinations

It's extremely difficult to describe La Favela. Technically its a restaurant, bar, lounge and nightclub. However it's pretty much unlike any place I've ever seen.  I'd like to call it a hipster heaven, since every piece in the joint is made from salvaged things.  Things is the only way to describe the vast collection of trinkets, vehicles, suits of armor, murals, antique furniture and other random items assembled here. 
I like recommending this place for my guests to visit because its
  • un-fucking believable and un-describable until you see it. 
  • genius at the brink of madness
  • a genuinely cool place to hang out for food, drinks or partying
La Favela could very well be a museum made from everything from the 50s, 60s, and 70s that was thrown away.  How else would you describe a place with a Volkswagen bus sawn in half, and repurposed into a bar?  Or a suit of armor next to the lounge bar.  
I got to know the owner of this place in 2013. He's also the guy behind the La Plancha beanbag beach lounge in Seminyak.  We needed to borrow some props for our Halloween party and he showed me this thing, while it was still under construction.  I thought it would be a perfect haunted house actually.
The venue is true to the theme of using every bit of scrap and 'junk' to create this sort of technicolor dungeon.  It feels like a place where pirates hang out, where conspirators plot a revolution.
I like La Favela cause it's a comfy place that feels homey, in a weird way. We had Xmas dinner here with some friends visiting from out of town in 2014. They're pretty much a upper-tier dining spot now. 
The food is actually pretty good here. They've got really nice seafood dishes. The grilled octopus and calamari appetizers were snatched up in second. Nice plating and sauces to go with the well seasoned and cooked seafood. The seared barramundi and creole shrimp passed the look, smell, taste test. 
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