Airbnb Instant Book: Why You Should Consider It

img | April 13, 2021

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Airbnb Instant Book is one of the three most applied search filters on the Airbnb platform. Indeed with over 60% of users opting for bookings through it. It’s no surprise since today’s lifestyle is all about on the go and finalizing plans immediately.

That being said, Airbnb Instant Book also gives benefits to home & villa owners as well. Not only it helps you to eliminate unresponsive host badge, but it also a surefire way to increase short-term rental revenues.

So, what exactly is Instant Book on Airbnb?

Essentially, the feature allows guests to make reservations immediately and without the need to submit a request. It streamlines the reservation system and minimizes potential hold-ups.

They see, they like, they book.

As simple as that.

Okay, but what are the advantages for us, villa owners?

  • Increased booking and exposure

According to Airbnb, hosts would double up the number of bookings by simply enabling instant book option. Although, it is not guaranteed. It wouldn’t be surprising as well. This is because there are preference for guests to choose listing that won’t require them to wait for approval of the host first. There’s also the filter option that guests can apply while looking for property to rent, making your listing more visible than those who chose to not use the Instant Book feature.

  • No time to waste

There is a lot to do for Airbnb hosts but by using the instant book, it will eliminate one of that little task. For instance? Replying requests from potential customers. Not only it saves time for hosts, but it also saves time for guests. They don’t have to wait around to book their dream villa for their next vacation!

  • More bookings, more reviews

1+1 = 2.

I think it’s pretty self explanatory, when you get more bookings you can get more reviews – this will also positively impact your listing ranking.

  • It gives your rentals & business a protection 

Unfortunately(or fortunately?) not every guest can utilize the instant Book’ feature as Airbnb set certain criteria for its users. For instance, guests must have an acceptance rate of 75% or higher and have at least 3 bookings in the last two years. Although it does not help hosts much to screen guests’ reliability, there’s also an option for hosts to make detailed house rules on the listing description. Thus, only travelers that have to accept your house rules are entitled to book with you.

This feature is something you do not want to miss out, since you can also set clear cancellation rules as part of your terms to avoid lost revenue.

In addition, instant booking request can also not be automatically confirmed if guests do not meet the requirements that you have set, such as not having a recommendation from other hosts or a government-issues ID.

Despite the sweet takes of instant booking feature, there are still risk and consideration for hosts. For example, activating instant booking means there’s a potential calendar block for guests that wants to stay longer with you if someone decided to book a few days in the middle of the month.

There’s also risk of miscommunication for newer hosts due. So, if you are new to the game, save use of the Instant Book feature till a time that you’ve familiarized yourself with the ins-and-outs of the Airbnb booking and hosting processes. However, if you are still keen to use it because you don’t have enough time to manage your property, then opting a villa manager would be more beneficial.

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