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Aman Resorts

A secret global billionaire's club

If money was not a factor, where in the world would you like to go and what would you like to see?
- Anonymous
Aman Resorts is probably one of the most legendary and mythical hospitality companies in the world.  It's allure comes from it's exotic locations, under spoken design and flawless service. It's also known amongst the paparazzi circles that the likes of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg, and Princess Di have been guests at various Amans throughout the world.  They have over 24 locations worldwide with three resorts in Bali. 
I'd visit all the Aman resorts in the world.  Having traveled the world for years as a backpacker and on a shoestring budget, I have often fantasized about what I would do with an unlimited budget. Often times, I would delight that I probably saw and experienced more than travellers who had spent 10x or 100x my budget because I kept close to the local way of life. 
With unlimited funds, I wouldn't compromise on the authenticity of a local experience, yet I would choose an experience that couldn't be done with anything less than a grandiose budget.
I've lived here in Bali for 8 years now, which itself is a sort of capital for hospitality and I only heard about Aman after my first year of working here. Having visited all 3 Aman resorts in Bali and worked for the company for 2 years, I'd go and visit each of the 36 resorts in the world. 

I hate sounding like a brand whore, but there's something ethereal about the architecture, location and hospitality of each of these ultra-luxe resorts that's mystical, authentic and delightful.

The resorts are favoured by royalty, CEOs and those with extravagant means and discreet tastes.  Most Amans are unmarked and look more like local homes than hotels.  Aman has a no advertising policy and relies on it's network of well-heeled guests to spread the word-of-mouth.

The hospitality culture is unrivalled and it's common for staff to accompany guests on Scuba trips, set up secluded dinners on remote beaches, or arrange private, pre-opening tours to local attractions and museums. I often read their TripAdvisor reviews to get inspiration about new and effective hospitality practices. They're staff are legendary.
The feel is like staying a friend's home, albeit a very wealthy friend's home who has understated taste, an army of staff, knows how to live well, and a local expert to the ins-n-outs of the area. You can borrow his boat, his butler and his speargun to go do some fishing on his private island.

They're set in impossible locations where no normal lodgings would ever get a permit, such as the Forbidden City in China, Rajastan's Ranthambhore National Park or Bhutan.  Each location is somewhat of a national heritage treasure for that particular region. 

Some are even the former residences of kings and queens, such as the one in Siem Riep, Cambodia which is just a short bike ride to the Angkor Wat temples.

Some are private islands with protected forests and coral reefs in central Indonesia.

Since they're frightfully expensive and charge up to a few thousand dollars a night, I would find the greatest utilisation of an unlimited budget here.
I got to know about the Aman legend by word of mouth as well. My wife told me about deliveries of gift items from her shop.  She would be responsible for delivering large gift items such as statues to hotels in Nusa Dua. I asked her which hotel was the beset and surprisingly she told me that the Amanusa had the best reputation.  I had never heard about this hotel before, and up to that point, Four Seasons was the hotel I held in highest repute. 
Aman Nusa project development team. May 2011 at the first inspection of Villa #1. 
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