Check Out These 5 Tourism Trends 2022 to Attract Guests to Your Villa!

img | August 17, 2022

Following the prior tendency since the epidemic, the tourism trend 2022 is currently expanding. Owners must constantly monitor trends in order to spot possibilities and entice customers to make reservations—even during difficult times.

Moreover, since the pandemic hit, the number of tourists has decreased significantly and is increasingly selective when choosing accommodation.

tourism trends 2022
Foreign tourists starting increasing again after the pandemic. Photo by Adrian Agawin

Since the COVID-19 outbreak struck almost two years ago, the tourism sector has been steadily recovering. According to figures from the Central Statistics Agency, 143,744 thousand foreign visitors entered Indonesia in January. This number climbed by 13.62% as compared to the previous year, which had 126,515 thousand.

As the government works to help the tourism sector recover, it is anticipated that the number of travelers will continue to rise. However, you also have a part to play in the business as a business actor in the tourism sector.

Develop your bali villa to attract tourists by following some of the following tourism trends 2022.

5 Current Tourism Trends 2022 That Have the Opportunity to Bring Guests

1. Work From Anywhere

tourism trends 2022
Working remotely is a new tourism trend in 2022. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

The first tourism trend 2022 is Work From Anywhere. Since the pandemic hit, and followed by rapid technological developments, many companies have implemented Work From Anywhere for their employees. 

The World Economic Forum (WEF) and Ipsos survey results from 2020 suggest that 52 percent of respondents worldwide use work from home.  Many workers also take advantage of this Work From Home policy by moving out of town to recover or work while on vacation. These days, this is referred to as Work From Anywhere.

Bali is a paradise for workers to work from anywhere. In terms of the necessities of life that are not too expensive and are classified as areas that are not too crowded, making them increasingly popular among remote workers.


Until now in 2022, this trend of working remotely is predicted by experts to continue to grow and never end because it is considered effective. With this increasing demand, it’s time for you to start making strategies so that WFA workers are interested in living in your property. 

To keep up with this tourism trends 2022, you can start by renovating your property to be WFA-friendly by providing a suitable work desk, minibar, WIFI, and more so that they are satisfied to be at your bali villa

In addition, brand your property as WFA-friendly, by changing the title, description, or creating special promos for WFA workers. 

2. Road Trip

tourism trends 2022
Road trips with family or friends are becoming a growing tourism trend. Photo by Alfonso Escalante

By page, road trips or long-distance trips are now becoming a trend among tourists. In addition to the low cost, road trips also provide a memorable experience for guests with friends or family. 

There are many benefits they can get with this tourism trends 2022, such as finding hidden gems, visiting new places, forming solidarity with family and friends, and also being able to improve their mental and emotional health.

Road trips are also considered safer and more comfortable because you don’t have direct contact with strangers if you drive public transportation. Traveling by private vehicle is also quite comfortable and effective to spend quality time with family, friends, and colleagues.


For those who own property, you can see opportunities to increase your bali villa occupancy by following this trend. You can provide rental cars or minivans that guests can use for road trips. This will greatly facilitate guests so that they no longer need to find another rental car that is not yet trusted. 

We advise offering a car that is very big and has a big trunk to provide the ideal vehicle for a road trip. This is so because travelers frequently travel by car in groups with friends, family, or coworkers.

3. Staycation

tourism trends 2022

The current vacation craze is known as Staycations, which gained popularity during the flu outbreak of the previous year. Staying at home is safer and keeps you away from any risks of sharing viruses, thus here is why.

Guests can enjoy their time with family, and friends in the villa. Many activities for quality time can be done, such as barbeque parties, watching movies, small picnics, and others. 


To provide a perfect experience for your guests, provide some good facilities to support your guest experience. You can add facilities, such as Smart TV, game console, WIFI, barbecue equipment, and more. 

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4. Contactless Services

tourism trends 2022

Since the pandemic hit, many experts predict that contactless services are the future of the hospitality world. This is because guests are now prioritizing their safety and comfort during the holidays. 

Many business people have done this contactless service, such as implementing self-check-in, online delivery services, air-support systems, and others. Having contactless services using existing technology will provide a different experience for guests. Guests will feel safer, more comfortable, and of course practical.


To implement contactless services in your property, Bukit Vista recommends that you perform several protocol steps such as: 

  • By implementing self-check-in with smart locks, you can link your visitors with the employees at your property whenever they need anything and offer them warm welcome notes.
  • By delivering email or SMS itineraries and reservation confirmations to guests, air-support and hosting services enable hospitality and help guests check in without touch. This strategy is successful in minimizing in-person interactions.

5. Outdoor Dining

tourism trends 2022

Natural tourism trends are not enough just for staycations and road trips, outdoor dining in open areas is also predicted to become an upcoming tourist trend after the pandemic. Outdoor dining provides an atmosphere of eating together outside or in an open area with stunning natural views. 

Outdoor dining will become increasingly popular because it provides a unique experience and feels for guests. There are many restaurants with the concept of outdoor dining spread across Indonesia.

In addition to its unique, luxurious, and calming feel, outdoor dining restaurants also usually provide an instagrammable place that is suitable as a photo spot for tourists. 


This one trend is perfect for you to take advantage of to attract tourists. If your Bali villa has an open area that is large enough and has a beautiful view, you can use it to provide this outdoor dining service. 

You can provide a nice and practical dining table set, whenever your guests order this service. Offer this service to guests who are on honeymoon, couples, or families. This can be a good opportunity for you to increase the occupancy of your property. 


Following current tourism, trends are very important to see profitable opportunities for your property. Don’t let you not be updated with the development of current tourism trends and not be able to compete with other competitors. 

Bukit Vista always uses technology and accurate data to track market developments and demands in real-time. This will help us to provide the best solutions and market 206+ partners to be able to compete in the market. 

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