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Intern at Bukit Vista

Seeking interns at the most innovative hospitality company in Indonesia

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Bukit Vista welcomes Interns

As an intern at Bukit Vista, one thing will be sure. You will be ready for working in an international, modern setting in a growth startup. What does that mean? Our interns experience the full range of skillsets to succeed as an entrepreneur. During your internship, you'll be managing projects, pushing the boundaries of customer service and defining the future world of hospitality. An internship at Bukit Vista can be a fulfilling experience for those up to the challenge.

Bukit Vista are a new generation of professional property managers with a portfolio of over 170+ exclusively managed properties in Bali & Jogja. We aim to become the most innovative hospitality company in the world and our day-to-day mission is to Inspire Delight.

Our CEO, Jing & CTO, Bayu discuss some business intelligence data with Ryan, one of our newest hires on the operations team.

We always host a team lunch with home-cooked Indonesian food at our round-table everyday. Lunchtime is a relaxing time to eat, chat with colleagues and laugh over some new jokes or internet memes.

This is Dista, she's from the UGM FIB Tourism school. Dista interned at Bukit Vista in 2019, and she was a skillful operator for our guests arriving in Nusa Penida. In one month, Dista would check-in over 300 guests and deliver a 5-star hospitality experience. She did her job without ever actually meeting the guests, through WhatsApp Web chat.

Bukit Vista Market Development team in Sanur

This was an offsite expedition we organized to explore Sanur and Canggu for new property partnerships. The Bukit Vista team goes to find new properties, and negotiates with owners to manage their homes, hotels, villas or resorts. Then our awesome hospitality team steps in to process reservations, manage guest arrivals and make sure all guests receive a delightful 5-star stay.

Jing, our CEO, is here leading a Socratic discussion. We're collaborating constantly, sharing ideas, and driving new innovations through developing new ideas into reality. That's one of the charms of working at Bukit Vista, the best ideas win and nobody cares where it comes from.

Our 2019 Intern, BoeBoe, is here in our Jogja office. He's a student at UGM as well, and he decided to work on the Human Resources team. BoeBoe is using Trello to track applicants to Bukit Vista and a video-conferencing tool to interview them online. BoeBoe then takes detailed notes and makes a recommendation on the capability of the candidate.

Have you ever imagined a summer holiday away from your home, on a tropical island full of gorgeous beaches, pulsating nightclubs, delicious restaurants, chill lounges and some of the best & most affordable entertainment in South East Asia? How about making some impact in the world and seeing your work appreciated by an international audience of a few 1000 guests a month?

Our legendary company outings. We like to visit local places & support our community of fellow entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry.

There'll be time for that, but there's also the part where we code all night, pound Krating Daeng, fix bugs, and take ramen & whiskey breaks. It's the support and enthusiasm of a passionate team that helps navigate us through the challenges we might encounter. At Bukit Vista, we're proud of the team culture, belonging and sense of purpose in our work.

A Bukit Vista managed property by the beach in Nusa Dua.

Yes, our properties include super-villas by the beach in upscale neighborhoods in Nusa Dua

Recruiting new hosts at our Jimbaran job fair at STP in Nusa Dua. Bali's leading tourism school.

Reaching out to our student community in a job fair. We recruited two full-time hosts from a few hundred applicants at the 2019 STP Nusa Dua job fair.

Consider spending your internship here at Bukit Vista. See the most amazing locations across Indonesia. Meet as many people as you want from around the world. Build some kick-ass software products. Make impact on a local and global level.

What's it like to work here? Watch our videos.

Watch our 2019 interns tell their internship experience. This video is in Bahasa Indonesia

Our Jogja base, tour given by Jing, the CEO.

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