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Best Channel Manager to Manage Your Property

PROs and CONs insights on top 5 Channel Manager of 2019

In the travel and hospitality world, technology is transformative to change the way that owners and managers can operate their businesses. Being behind on technology can mean that your competitors will soon be taking your travellers, who are coming from all over the world. A Channel Manager is a perfect tool to use and keep up in this fast-paced industry. It is a software program that helps automate everything in hotel room distribution, short-term vacation rentals, and other accommodations. It collects information from various channels and centralizes it.

to major channels like Expedia, Airbnb, and even smaller distribution channels. This makes it easier to offer reservation online, avoiding overbooking or parity issues but more importantly, it saves you the time you could have used to update each channel when your rooms or rentals are occupied, and you get to increase your bookings. Many channel manager also comes with a property management system (PMS) to help you manage the occupancy of the property.

1. Hostaway Reviewed

hostaway, channel manager

Hostaway is a rental channel management software that assists property managers to enable success for their rental properties business. The aim of this management tool is to increase income for short term vacation and make hosting services easier to professional managers. It doesn’t matter whether you have five rentals or 25,000 properties.


  1. Available in Mobile App
  2. Automate Import & Export; no need to update rates on each platform.
  3. Free demo call
  4. Customer support
  5. Automation system; switch tasks, events, and message to autopilot
  6. Provided training:
    • In-Person
    • Live Online
    • Webinars
    • Documentation
  7. Integration with Stripe and PayPal both for OTA and personal website
  8. Has guest messaging feature
  9. Custom-able automated emails feature for a different purpose
  10. Allow you to create automated tasks to team members (would be better to give an example of what the tasks are)


  1. They are new, opened just in 2015
  2. Very few channels that they are connected to. Only 13 OTA channels, such as Airbnb, Booking, Expedia, TripAdvisor, PriceLabs, Braintree, and others.
  3. They don't post their pricing and pricing calculations, it might cost more than a very professional solution.
  4. Few minutes delay sync.
2.  Booking Pal Verified to Be Awesome 

Founded in 2013, this short-term rental industry has attracted much involvement from large businesses, and sophisticated consumers are looking for alternative accommodations. Booking Pal is one of the few centralized platforms.

booking pal, channel manager


  1. Its distribution channel is now automatic which functions not only to build out listings quickly but also to update new content, rates and any other changes to the channels with limited delay.
  2. Complemented by feature products like myOptimize, MyPayment, and myBookingPal.
  3. Cost is low: Starting price at US$ 0,01


  1. Customer Service least Responsive. Trouble tickets are not in queued for work for weeks, many taking a month or more for a response. 
  2. The dashboard still not stable
  3. Lack of Regular invoicing, you need to give them repeated reminders
  4. Sometimes a reservation is not passed from the channel
3. Lodgable Reviewed
Lodgable, Channel Manager

In any business, having the correct software is essential for the success of the operation of the business itself, and it obviously applies to the rental business as well. Lodgable is one of the professional, affordable, and friendly property management solutions that enables property managers and homeowners to get more booking and increase more revenue in their business


  1. Able to also advertise your property by publishing them on the top travel sites
  2. Have their own website that can be used as a tool to advertise and rent your room at
  3. Real-time API integration
  4. 100% free core features such as Invoice tools
  5. 100% free sign-ups
  6. Lodgable's core features are free for homeowners and property managers.
  7. Problems got resolved quickly
  8. 9 out of 10 users says it User-friendly and easy to use


  1. Cancellations of reservations can only be done by calling or messaging Lodgeable

4. Syncbnb to Synchronize Everything

Syncbnb, Channel Manager

Syncbnb is a channel management solution that offers short term rental owners and property managers the ability to synchronize their scheduled calendars on all channels and most ultimately helping them double their booking reservation and revenues.


  1. Support more than 100 channels
  2. Real-time API
  3. 10 minutes downtime for all the property listing information
  4. Using AI technology to guarantee success on calendar update


  1. Some say that Syncbnb is not a channel manager, even themselves.
  2. Not yet offer some of the services that traditional channel managers offer like price sync or automated content sync - but coming soon.
5. iQware Channel Manager
iQware, Channel Manager

IQlink is one of iQware Inc software’s product functioning as management software designed to manage different distributor services such as OTAs and GDSs.


  1. Has a feature of reporting Airbnb and other channel performance against booking
  2. Been in the business for a longer time than other competitors did (fifteen years)
  3. Help came from an experienced person
  4. The system is cloud-based


  1. Could be glitchy sometimes because of lack of updates
  2. Overnight customer service may not as good as the day crew. They seem to not know as much about the system as the day crew.

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