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Best Villas in Bingin

Great new villas by the beach

Bingin is great for villas
In the past year, BukitVista has added several new villas that have emerged from the cliff-tops above Bingin.  This new generation of villas differ from the scrappy lodgings on the Bingin cliffside in several unique aspects.  
The Bingin beach community has a wide selection of villas, guesthouses, ocean-view apartments and home-stays. This area is extremely dense and villas with a lot of space are quite rare. 
  • Their location is pretty awesome.  Being close to the road and parking means no longer having to carry heavy suitcases up and down the 200 odd steps to accommodations by the beach. No compromise is necessary to proximity to the beach however and our villas are at most a 10 minute walk to the beach. 
Bingin luxury villa by the beach. Near to Uluwatu and Padang Padang beach.
  • Privacy and space for gardens and pool.  On average, each villa enjoys 500 square meters plus of land. As a family or group, it's nice to have a bit more garden, pool and space for everyone to enjoy themselves. 
  • Refined design and amenities. You can expect a bit more luxury and tastefulness in the choice of furniture and amenities. Nothing pretentious that would lose the home-feel of hte villa though.
Bingin beach is one of our favourite beaches. Low crowds, great surf, and this shabby chic bohemian atmosphere. Tons of good warungs and accommodation options that overlook the beach. 
Bingin is still not perfect
However, these villas are not perfect and guests might need to accept a few compromises in 
  • Views. Since most of these villas are set back from the beach and cliff-line, they'll not have the amazing views that villas built earlier and closer to the beach will enjoy. 
  • Internet. Generally speaking, nobody in Bingin has really remarkable internet. Many villas are still working off of pocket hotspots from 3G mini-routers. We're waiting for the fast service providers to come. Hope is near and the Internet situation across Bali is improving fast. 
  • Utilities. The water and electricity to Bingin is unstable and sometimes rolling blackouts might close off the power for a few hours. It's normally the tradition to head to the beach and down a few beers until the power gets restored. 
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