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A message to our Airbnb guests at LaJoyaBiuBiu

· LaJoya BiuBiu,Resort Renovations

Message from your hosts

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From our early days in Bali, we've imagined a bespoke eco-lodge with brilliant views, sparkling hospitality and a happy guest community. We've taken the feedback we've been hearing from our guests and have made a number of improvements to the property. The feedback we've been hearing from past guests have been:

  • Our guests want ocean views from the common spaces and from their rooms and cabins.
  • Our guests prefer not to have power cuts during the day, interrupting AC and/or WiFi. 
  • Our guests want semi-open outdoor bathrooms with rainhead showers & ventilation.
  • Our guests prefer to have more space near the pool to relax and enjoy the views, sun and ocean. 
  • Our guests want to have more dining options onsite or in the area. 

This is why we’d like to share our project and progress in doing our improvements at the resort. We're currently in progress to delivering solutions for each one of the points mentioned by our guests.

  • We now have ocean views in 6 ocean view cabins built from shipwreck wood.
  • We've upgraded our power allotment and put in a gen-set to ensure stable electricity.
  • We've upgraded Internet infrastructure allowing high-speed, more reliable access (99% uptime). 
  • Our cabins now have bathroom areas that are much more spacious and ventilated than before.
  • We've completed a new 3-tier pool and have plans to make a cave spa by Dec 2016. 
  • We're completing works on a brand-new treehouse restaurant on the edge of the cliff with an expanded menu. We're going to keep the old trusty menu with homemade jams, breads and sauces and also offer some finer options. 

Renovation Progress (as of August 2016)

Completed Works - new 3-tier pool

Remaining Works - New Restaurant

The cliffside restaurant is under completion. It is scheduled to finish in Sept 2016.The location of the restaurant is between our two new pools. There's some noise by the old pool & restaurant but by our new pool, the disturbance is minimal


Our stone-cabins are made from three basic natural materials: limestone, elephant grass thatching and reclaimed shipwreck timber. First of all, we do adore the Eco concept in building each cabin and building each cabin is the work of art. Just like the previous cabin, we used the materials from what we already had in the area, the Limestone.

Limestone is the main material that we used to build the cabin’s wall. We dig the ground for the foundation and we used the limestone from the ground as the main material of the building. We have artisans creating each block of the limestone and made it the very best for the cabin’s structure.

Besides the Limestone, thatch roof is also essential for each cabin. Creating a thatch roof is a work of art as well. Every knot and twist of thatch are done manually by the specialist. For the structure of the roof itself, the Tanjang Tree branch becomes our option. It has high quality and easy to find in a coastal area.

More about the Eco concept, we used reclaimed woods from the shipwreck and our craft-mans with their awesome skill to build such an artsy yet comfortable cabin for our future guests. Each cabin has its own uniqueness which we would like to present to our guests.

Pathway to our future cave spa

By adding more accommodations, in this case more cabins, we realized that common facilities are also essential. We have the three-tier swimming pool that’s overlooking the ocean on progress right now. This will be another spot for our guests to chill and relax during their stay at our resort. Another great spot for you to spend the most valuable vacation time here is the new breathtaking scenery from over the cliff spa deck. Imagine that, perfect sunset view, fresh ocean breeze, combined with our Balinese therapist.

We would love to share our progress in building our little paradise here as we would love to present our best for our lovely guests. =)

Images from the improvement’s progress:

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