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Bukit Vista - Democratic Driven Meetings

How to get your meetings done in a fun, fair way.

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Jing's hosting the first ever, Airbnb Host Award Ceremony in 2013. We used the power of democracy to choose the best and most successful hosts in Bali.

In our journey as a hospitality startup in Bali, we're often faced with making decisions that are beneficial to all involved. Our team of professional Airbnb hosts in Bali are faced with critical decisions every day. How should we meet a guest who arrives past our office hours? Where will we hold the next company event? Should we have air conditioning in our offices? Democracy can be a fair format for a decision that's ultimately fair and just for everyone involved. We at Bukit Vista want to have a company based on our core value of "Be Transparent". Using a democratic format is one of the ways we can share ideas, debate, and reach a decision that's reasonable for everyone.

But how do we stop chaos & confusion from sapping our strength? How do we keep the order and reach conclusive agreements without feeling lost in compromise. Welcome "Robert's Rules of Order". Robert's Rules of Order are a set of rules we can use to gain the wisdom of the crowd and have effective, structured meetings.

How can these rules help you win respect and the confidence of your team? Watch and find out.

Read the slides to this meeting here

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