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Bukit Vista to Implement New Cleanliness Standard on Properties

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Covid-19, or mainly known as coronavirus, has created a pandemic situation. The virus has infected nearly 8 millions people around the world. On the other side, COVID-19 has created a new habit for people worldwide, a new and upgraded cleaning standard.

We are aware with the habit and situation and created a new cleanliness standard on their managing properties called COVID-safe Cleanliness Standard (CSC) Program. The CSC Program has been rolled out since mid April 2020 when COVID-19 starts to outbreak in Indonesia.

The cleanliness standard is created with the reference of World Health Organization (WHO) instruction for cleaning and sanitizing. The steps are consists of cleaning and sanitizing every possible part of property that guests will touch.The sanitizing chemical are consist of disinfectant as recommended by WHO and we also referred to other disinfection chemical from LIPI (Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia).

Clean to every detail

We created the training using a ‘check-list’ that we made & share to the staff and owner to make sure that they would understand about the details and certain parts that need more concern on cleaning process. This ‘check-list’ will allow guests and supervisor to check whether their staff is doing this cleaning well. We also created a video training to give our partner a visual view about how to clean a property using this cleanliness standard. We really concern to make owners and staffs understand about this and they will easily implement this CSC.

We are carefully and thoroughly teach the property staff on each property, so the program will implemented successfully and become our new policy for cleaning throughout the years. We surely do a monitor to keep this program in a correct line to prevent this coronavirus contamination. The monitoring that we do is trough an online ways to minimize the physical contact. We have this program as our concern to make everyone who’s doing their activities in property are considered as safe.

Predicting the Future

Talking future is something very unpredictable and could change the value over time. But, there is something that will certainly do post Covid-19. Certain procedure of cleanliness and sanitizing will become the most concerned things that guest have. Guest will be very picky and aware of the cleaning process of the place they will be living on several amount of time.

Some properties will have their own standards of cleanliness. The possibility of partnerships with a cleaning agency will arisen. This standard could also become some selling point for the property. Meanwhile, some small not-well-managed properties will become less interested because they are not really aware of the cleanliness procedure.

We want to be as reactive as possible. In order to do that, we have worked and implemented this cleanliness standard when the first outbreak came to Indonesia. Would you like to be a part of us? Come visit to know more!

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