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Bukit Vista Welcomes Groups and Retreats

Hi organizers!

Welcome to Bali, a place where people looking to find their inner peace through a wholesome spiritual experience. Wether in food, nature, or even yoga and spiritual activities.

As an accommodation hosts, we would be happy to work together with you to achieve a mutually beneficial event that is impactful for they who’s looking for a self transformational journey here in Bali.

We know that you have been working pretty hard to arrange the trip, so hopefully we can help you arrange the accommodation part. Let us know some basic details about your event and we will look through our collection of accommodations:

Event type: Retreat/ Short wedding ceremony/ Full day wedding party

Start date:

End date:

Activities: (this will be consideration if any permit is needed)

Number of participant: (staying overnight)

Number of guests: (not staying overnight)

Space needed: open garden/pool/shala

Budget range:

As you know that our accommodations are always open for reservation, it would be better if you inquire us far ahead before the event start.

When you ready with all the information at hand, please send me a message on the button below with the details. I would be happy to assist you.

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