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Cashew Tree - Bingin

Good times, good food, good music

Welcome to Bingin

Cashew Tree is the neighborhood pub of Bingin. Of course, in Bingin, that means vegan and vegetarian friendly foods, super smoothies, pitaya bowls and bean burritos. It's located just a short walk from the Bingin parking area and nestled within an old grove of, you guessed it... cashew trees. For our guests staying in the area, Cashew Tree is a great place to hang-out, enjoy a bohemian community atmosphere and fresh, healthy food. 

Entrance to Cashew Tree. The parking space here is quite large and generous. You can park a car. There's even a hang-out space for your driver. 

Cashew Tree is all about fresh, healthy food. They get fruits, and veggies delivered every day. 

Real cashew fruit grows onsite. The cashew nut actually grows beneath and outside of the fruit. Cashew fruit is a bit astringent and tastes chalky. It's flavor is closet to peach and starfruit.

I usually get the chicken pita sandwich. It costs about Rp 60,000 and the bread is freshly baked. It comes with shredded carrots, shredded chicken and lettuce. A bit bland but I usually toss some salt + pepper + tabasco. 

Thursday night - Live Music at Cashew Tree

Nightlife is pretty rare in Bingin, but if you happen to be here on Thursday, the live music event is a fun, community style event. Usually a surf-reggae themed band comes in, there's a DJ that plays house and trance between sets. It's entertaining and a good place to meet friends, bring friends and enjoy an open-air concert. 

Come early to get a seat. Peak time is about 10-11pm. That's when the space fills up to standing room only. 

Live band is jazzy and fun. 

The staff here are friendly and have a good sense of humor. We always feel welcome and at home here. 

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