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Day 14 of being Content Creator at Bukit Vista - Here’s what I discover!

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“Can I really do all of these works?”

I ask that to myself a lot recently. Starting a new journey at this new startup company, giving me a lot of experiences I haven’t been through before. It makes me happy, excited yet anxious at the same time, kinda weird huh?.

Before you ask,

no I didn’t have any emotional disorder or something.

You’re gonna get it later, why working at this uniquely cool company could make you experience something you never feel before. But.. before we get into that, maybe you should know me a Lil bit, right?

My name is Daniel,

I mostly do creative stuff for a living. I design, I edit, I create any stuff I can get creative with.

Work on something I can having fun with is one of my life goals.

One day, I was sitting on my couch, sipping my coffee, thinking about making some chance by resigning from my company.

So I was looking around at Jobstreet apps when I found Bukit Vista job vacancy as Content Creator. Back then, I didn’t think about it that much and applied instantly when I finished reading the summary. The days go on and I even almost forgot about it when I got the e-mail notification on my phone.

They ask me to do an online interview and an evaluation test for joining the Content Chapter. The interview was interesting, and it’s more like a discussion format between two people looking for a common ground so that they can work together later. My interviewer's name is Vita, and she explained the Bukit Vista work culture, office environment, and company values clearly. I was even more surprised that she is a 1-month probation employee in Bukit Vista. The process goes on and I finally got accepted to do an onsite trial to experience the working process live and see if it goes well with me.

“To become the world’s most innovative hospitality company. ”

It’s a big vision that Bukit Vista trying to achieve.

With 6 days of working trial, I learned a lot about the onsite trial process. I learn that in Bukit Vista, they nurture their teams to do the very best work of their lives. They also equip them with the best technology, training, and mentorship. They inspire me to sharing my thoughts, putting out some ideas and contribute to create a better workflow for the office.

In those short days, all the work I’ve done makes me tired..

Yet it makes me feel the satisfaction for pushing myself and doing all the tasks that I never thought I will finish it.

I guess all the hard works, effort you gave into your work and when you finally get the result want, it gave you a sense of accomplishment.

Let’s move on to one of the interesting part,

The base is pretty… unorthodox I guess?

Oh yeah! we also use the word “base” as a replacement for “office”, dope right?

We use t-shirts on an everyday basis, we play some good songs on our Spotify as our working fuel, don’t forget we also share snacks with each other.

Forget about the old-boring style working, like sitting, working for hours and hours on cramped wooden desk. At Bukit Vista, we can work anywhere we’re comfortable with.

In fact, i need some peace and quiet to get some idea. So I was writing this while sitting down on this super comfy couch by myself on the second floor, works like charms!

As long you get the jobs done, and it’s on the line with the SLA of your Chapters, work as comfortable you want, go for it!

“What are these Chapters, Squads, and Guilds things?”

The first time I hear about these terms, it’s an extraterrestrial word for me and makes me confused about how things work in Bukit Vista. You might have heard about those three words on Video Games or Medieval Fantasy movies like Lord Of The Rings. The concept of Chapters, Squad and Guilds it’s actually kinda similar which makes it more interesting.

We’ll start with Chapters. Basically, the chapter works as a division in a company. We got Human Resource, HAR (Host, Air Support, Reservation), Market Builder, Finance, Revenue Management, Content and Online Marketing. These chapters are the specialization of work, your skill will decide which chapters that gonna suit you better. You can start as a Host but maybe if you do well and have a talent at Finance, you can ask to move into that as well

Move on into Squads.

Have you ever watched Lord Of The Rings? The Fellowship of the Ring in LOTR movies is basically a squad, filled by a person that each one of them taking different roles.

In Bukit Vista, you will work like that, as a Lean & Agile Squad that having a purpose to solve the problems in their area. Squad intended to give your team a focus for specific area and solve it better, cause you know it so well. Squad member is filled with different kinds of Chapter members, completing and supporting each other. Just like in RPG Games

Lastly, the Guild.

This one is not the same guild with the game system. Guild is a topic of interest, a focus of something that interesting and at the same time could be improved to be beneficial for the company. For example, we had a Digital Marketing Guild which have a guild meeting, discussing some creative and innovative ideas for digital marketing to explore every Thursday.

Oh, recently we also create a new photography guild with the purpose to learn & innovate photography that relate Bukit Vista’s things.

8 Core Values”

Values are everywhere, even in your daily life you’re gonna meet different kinds of people with different kinds of values. In works, Bukit Vista tries to teach us about the core values they use every day.

  • Step on Toes. Best ideas rule, if you had an amazing idea, never ever be afraid to communicate it and fights for it to be true
  • Be Transparent. We value honesty here, if you feel like something was missing out or something needs improvement, say it out loud! no one gonna ignore you or mock you for saying your thoughts.
  • Be the Hero. As a hospitality company lead by innovation, we display openness and compassion for our guests. Try to be someone who can be a hero for our guest, and even for our co-workers
  • Help others First. Altruism, support, trust
  • Never Settle. Improvement is always possible, don’t stay at just one place when you can improve it into something more and more better. In Bukit Vista, we encourage each other into evolving into a more better version of ourself
  • Details Matter. Small things could lead to bigger things, this works both in a good and bad way. That’s why we should care for small details and optimize it into something more beneficial
  • Don't Assume, Use Data. Assumption creates many risks, you can’t rely on the assumption to improving your work. Instead, use the scientific approach for a better and sure result
  • Fail Fast. Sooner or later, your skies gonna go black and storm gonna comes. When you did a mistake, the best way you can do is admit it, embrace it and learn from it. Put the mistakes as a lesson for you to improving into a better person

Happy, excited yet anxious at the same time.

I’m happy to have this sense of accomplishment by getting the task done and contribute to make my company better. And at the same time, I’m also excited about receive more and more fulfilling task to do.

All of those wonderful things, the experiences, the life lessons, and so many precious things that lead me into a decision to join Bukit Vista as a part of Content Creator member.

We are constantly looking to hire new talent too,

if you want to be a part of our growing family please check out latest openings at these description below:

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