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Dear, Professional Property Owners : Adapt to Long-stay Rental During Pandemic

Writter: Nur Rizki - UR Specialist

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Long-term Rental Opportunity

Since the pandemic is still running in several countries—and apparently some of them are predicted to be going through a longer recovery process--, there might be a fundamental change of guest preference regarding the time period of booking property. It’s explained in this data below. We can observe the amount of demand for long-stay raises during this pandemic. So in the nearest time, the possibility for guests to stay in long periods is actually high.

Long-term Rental Opportunity Airbnb

As travelers, we commonly think that AirBnb is a platform for short-term property rental. People who usually host or book properties through AirBnb must be more familiar with how short-term rental works. However, AirBnb actually provides long-term reservations as well. Property owners can use this momentum to maximize their property listing performance.

Understand Long-term Rental Tips for Property Owners

It’s always good to be well-prepared. Here’s the tips that property owners might to know further regarding long-term rental :

1. Make longer-stays available for your property.

Make longer-stays available for your property bukit vista

Here is the setting you need to follow for long-term rental availability:

  • Go to Your listings and select a listing
  • Click “Availability”
  • Next to ‘Trip details’, click “Edit”
  • Remove your maximum trip setting, or adjust it up and choose to manually review longer stays (if you don’t see this option, follow these instructions to turn on Instant Book)
  • Click Save 

2. Optimize your listing with improvements and discount offer

Since it’s a long-stay vacation, you could accomodate a guidebook containing specific locations of restaurants, tourist attractions, hospitals, police stations, and a list of other places that customers would likely to visit during their long stay. Assure you’re available to your guests eventhough you don’t stay in your property by keeping touch with them through phone call or other channels you both agree on.

You can also give discounts to make guests consider your property attractive for rent. Here’s the technical setting on your Airbnb listing :

  • Go to Your listings and select a listing
  • Click Pricing
  • Next to Length-of-stay discounts, click Edit
  • Enter your weekly or monthly discount, then click Save

3. Consider making an agreement with your guests

As hosts, you might consider your guests to sign a lease agreement with clear regulations that both parties have agree on. Requirements can vary, depending on the needs of both parties or even local law. Make sure that you have consulted this with the local area administrators or lawyer if you want a more rigid step.

Professional Property Owners : Adapt to New Market Patterns

Adapt to New Market Patterns Bukit Vista

The highlight point of this long-term stays encouragement by Airbnb is exactly to survive and thrieve now. We accurately optimize our properties by providing long-term stays and create competitive advantage for our listings. Eventhough it’s far from our former expectation, we are one step ahead in terms of adaptation to new market patterns during this pandemic.

We encourage every professional property owners to assure your property cleanliness before preparing long-term rental. Stay healthy, everyone!

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