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Directions for our Airbnb Guests -LaJoya

Getting to the LaJoya Resort and Spa in Balangan

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Welcome Future Guest  

Bali host Airbnb community, hospitality, reservations and rentals.

Our hospitality team at BukitVista wants to wish you a very happy stay. We're here to make sure your holiday experience goes smoothly and hope you'll make many more visits to Bali. 

To introduce ourselves:

Fun pirate map of our area. Ask our local hosts for a copy to bring around if you'd like to explore our area.

Thanks for booking our eco-bungalows and lofts on Airbnb. We want to ensure your arrival will be smooth and easy. Balangan beach is a beautiful location, worthy of the journey here. Clean sand and water, and far-removed from the crowds and chaos of Kuta. We've put together this blog-post with photo directions here. We've put subtitles in Bahasa Indonesia (the local language) so you can give it to a driver just in case. 

Balangan beach is home to some of the nicest surf and places to stay in Bali

Balangan beach is right at our doorstep. Home to some amazing sand, waves and beach life. Rent a deck-chair and umbrella for less than $10 USD/day and eat local starchy goodies like nasi goreng and chicken curry while sipping coconut water or a cold beer. 

Our location is about 30-45 minutes south of the DPS international airport. You will need to go south on Jl By Pass Ngurah Rai past Jimbaran, heading towards Nusa Dua. 

Head south from the Airport and drive until you get to the first landmark. The big McDonald's/KFC junction in Jimbaran. 

Dari Bandara International, tolong ke selatan. Lewat Jimbaran dan berhenti di simpang besar Jimbaran. Ada McDonald's dan KFC. Silahkan belok ke kanan menuju ke Jalan Kampus Udayana

Lewat pelang besar. Universitas Udayana. Lurus dan naik bukit.

Anda akan lewat dua toko besar. Alfamart dan Nirmala Plaza.

Lewat pelang besar. Rektorat Universitas Udayana.

Silahkan belok kanan ketika anda sudah sampai di persimpangan ini.

Lurus sampai pertigaan dengan pom bensin Pertamina di Kampus UNUD. Silahkan belok kiri di persimpangan ini.

Lewat GWK. Naik bukit.

Ketika anda sampai di perempatan Nirmala Supermarket, silahkan belok kanan, menuju ke arah Jalan Pantai Balangan.

Lewat desa Cengiling. Anda akan melewati hotel "Beyonda" dengan atap bambu unik seperti di gambar. Silahkan jalan lurus.

Disini belok ke kiri.

Anda akan bertemu toko "Nirmala Cengiling Bangunan". Lewati toko ini, ambil jalur kiri.

Ketika anda sampai di persimpangan ini, ikuti saja jalan utama, perhatikan di sebelah kanan ada logo "La Joya" tertulis di batu, dan di sebelah kiri ada logo "Balangan Wave". Silahkan lurus.

Anda akan melewati Cafe La Vida.

Ketika sudah sampai disini, silahkan ikuti jalan utama ke kiri, searah ke jalur menuju pantai.

Beberapa meter sebelum lapangan parkir pantai Balangan, anda akan bertemu persimpangan ini. Silahkan belok kiri dan ikuti saja jalannya. "LA JOYA" berada di ujung jalan, sebelah kanan, dengan tanda patung kepala Buddha.

Guide to Balangan Beach

Thanks for staying at a BukitVista affiliated property. BukitVista is the largest villa marketplace and hospitality management organization in South Bali. 

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