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Directions for our Airbnb Guests - Uluwatu

From DPS Airport to Uluwatu in 16 landmarks

Welcome Future Airbnb Guest
Our hospitality team at BukitVista wants to wish you a very happy stay. We're here to make sure your holiday experience goes smoothly and hope you'll make many more visits to Bali. 
To introduce ourselves:
Jing: Co-Founder BukitVista
I worked at Airbnb to bring some of the first Bali hosts onto the platform and got them ready to receive their first guests. My wife Wayana and I have a hospitality management startup with a super team that manages resorts, villas and speciality properties. Long time ago, I studied at Berkeley and came out to the real world with an engineering degree in dotcom crash of 2000. I took off to travel the world for two years. When I stopped traveling, Bali was my new home. I met the perfect girl, she was Balinese and very pretty. I took her to dinner and missed my flight. 
Wayana: Co-Founder of BukitVista
Balinese Super-mom. Full-time Airbnb host for 3 years now. I want my guests feel welcome in our properties and neighborhoods. I enjoy sharing knowledge about local culture, cool places to eat and visit. 
Kris: Reservations
Hospitality entrepreneur, taking 6 hours journey from my hometown Batam island, extending my adventure in this fun work atmosphere. Since the very beginning of my hospitality career on 2008, I've found that there's no better feeling than to see happy faces of travellers around me. =)
Siska: Hospitality
Javanese who loves Bali to bits. An English Literature graduate who loves absorbing and sharing knowledge about cultures. Love meeting new people and see the ear to ear smile of the happy travelers. I am super happy to work here as I am very enthusiastic to meet new people from all around the world. =)
Thanks for choosing to book a stay at our Uluwatu properties, DeSapphire or Uluwatu Cottages. We hope your visit here will be a smooth and pleasant journey. We want to ensure your arrival will be smooth and hassle-free, so we're sharing this fun landmark map to our location. Some past guests have suggested it in the past, and we finally got around to doing it. 
The route from the airport takes about 45 minutes travel. We suggest maybe stopping at a few markets on the way here, to get groceries. 
Dari Bandara International, tolong ke selatan. Lewat Jimbaran dan berhenti di simpang besar Jimbaran. Ada McDonald's dan KFC. Silahkan belok ke kanan menuju ke Jalan Kampus Udayana
Anda akan melewati logo Universitas Udayana. Silahkan lurus dan naik bukit.
Kalau jalur sudah benar, anda akan lewat toko Alfa-mart dan Nirmala Plaza.
Lewat pelang besar. Rektorat - Universitas Udayana
Silahkan belok kanan ketika anda sudah sampai di persimpangan ini.
Lurus sampai pertigaan dengan pom bensin Pertamina di Kampus UNUD. Silahkan belok kiri di persimpangan ini.
Naik bukit dan lewat GWK. 
Ketika anda bertemu perempatan Nirmala silahkan lurus saja.
Anda akan melewati patung Garuda di depan Pecatu Indah Resort.
Di desa Pecatu, silahkan belok kanan menuju ke arah Jalan Labuan Said.
Lewat pelang di sini. Anda akan lewat hutan. 
Lewat pelang ini. Jalur akan turun dari atas bukit ke arah pantai. 
Anda akan melewati BrothersMart, anda sudah dekat pantai Padang Padang. Silahkan jalan terus.
Anda akan melewati jembatan Padang Padang. Bisa lihat pantai Padang Padang dari sini. Silahkan lurus lagi.
Pelan Pelan kalau sudah dekat pelang 3 monkeys. Lihat di samping kanan. Ada pelang untuk "De Sapphire Cliff Villas" dan "Uluwatu Cottages". Masuk ke jalur ini. Anda akan bertemu "De Sapphire Cliff Villas" dulu, kemudian lurus sedikit lagi anda akan bertemu dengan "Uluwatu Cottages"
Thanks for staying at a BukitVista affiliated property. BukitVista is the largest villa marketplace and hospitality management organization in South Bali. 
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