3 Guest Services Ideas From The Box Nusa Penida Villa You Should Have in 2022

img Adiel Bukitvista | May 7, 2022

Do you believe that optimal guest services can make loyal customers? If so, this is the right article for you!

Guest experience while staying at your property is the main key to the success of your rental property business. To attract the attention of guests, you need to always be up-to-date with the existing trends and provide the best guest services. This is what “The Box Paradise” Nusa Penida Villa does.

Seeing New Opportunities and Trends In The Midst of A Pandemic

Create innovation in improving guest services during pandemic
Pak Dega brings a new innovation in improving guest services during pandemic

As the Airbnb CEO said, the pandemic has changed the way people travel, so do their stay preferences. As a business person, we must always meet the needs of our guests, who will always change with the times and the trends. That’s why you need to keep improve your guest services based on the trends. 

Pak Dega, the owner of “The Box Paradise” Nusa Penida Villa, admitted that he had closed his villa for 1.5 years during the pandemic because he had to renovate his villa. Pak Dega renovated his property according to guest requests and improve the guest services as well. 

To see what guests need, we need to analyze the market situation. Bukit Vista always uses analytical data to find out market demand in real-time. This really helps partners to see opportunities and innovate to stay competitive in the industry. Then it will make partner easier how to improve their guest services.

Here are guest services ideas that you can sample from “The Box Paradise” Nusa Penida Villa to attract guests’ attention and convince them to stay.

3 Guest Services Ideas To Improve Your Property in 2022

1. Smart TV or Android TV

Provides Smart TV or Android TV for extra guest services can attract guest to stay at your property
Provides Smart TV or Android TV can attract guest to stay at your property. Photo by Lisa Fotios

As more people use streaming platforms to watch their favorite shows, they want to watch them during the vacation. While staycation is a trend nowadays, guests prefer to stay in the hotel rather than strolling around, which can be dangerous due to pandemics.

Streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, and more on a smart TV or Android TV can be their option. Smart TV or Android TV have extra features that make them easier to use for watching any movies or surfing on the internet. 

In “The Box Paradise” Nusa Penida Villa, one of the things that makes it better is that it has a smart TV or an Android TV. At The Box Paradise, Pak Dega gives this service to all of his guest rooms for free. As a bonus, Pak Dega also gives his guests free WiFi, so they can watch.

2. Room Decoration for Special Event

improve your guest experience by taking room decoration request as a guest services from guest.
Improve your guest experience by taking room decoration request for special moment.

Pak Dega always takes requests for guests at certain events. At The Box Paradise, guests can decorate their rooms for birthdays, honeymoons, and more.

His main goal is for people to be satisfied when they visit. So, if a guest asks for a special request, it will be ready right away. This will also make the guests’ stay at The Box Paradise Nusa Penida more enjoyable and leave them with a good memory of their time there.

You can also use this kind of service to show off your property.  Make it easy for your guests to share their best memories at your property on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, and so on. Remember that you can always also ask your guests to tag your property Instagram account so that you can get more people to see it.

3. Mini-bar

Provides mini bar in the guest room for better guest services and increase the income.
Provides mini bar in the guest room for better improvement and increase the income. Photo by Humphrey Muleba

Making sure there is a mini bar in every room in 2022 is a way to make your property better. “The Box Paradise” Nusa Penida Villa, guests can find a mini bar in their room. Guests  can use this mini bar to keep their food and drinks cool. 

Putting in a mini bar can also help you make more money. If you want, you can put some drinks in the little bar. As soon as your guest is thirsty in the middle of the night, they can take a drink from the mini bar and put it on their room service bill.


Providing some guest services that can make the guest experience better is a good way to make more money. Guest satisfaction will make them want to come back and stay at your place again.

Pak Dega, the owner of “The Box Paradise” Nusa Penida Villa, always tries to give more value to his guests because this value will be good for his business. As a partner of Bukit Vista, Pak Dega can always give his guests good value no matter even during a pandemic. Pak Dega has a lot of advantages as a partner of Bukit Vista. He can help market the property and provide guest services. Learn more about Bukit Vista services HERE, and call us to find out how we can help you improve the value of your property. 

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