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Guide to Bingin Beach

Local blog on the things to do in Bingin

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Why visit Bingin beach?

It took me actually quite a while to "discover" Bingin beach. The access to the beach was a bit difficult and it was a bit off the main roads to Uluwatu.  I worked as a real-estate agent in the area, and this slice of Bali was off the radar, even to most locals. However, after my first moment, standing over the infinity pool at Kembang Kuning Bingin Bungalows, the magic struck me. Bingin is one of the most well kept secret in Bali

Bingin beach is a idyllic & dreamy tropical beach. 

Bingin is not for everyone. Yes. There are stairs. About 188 steps to the beach. Most of the traditional accommodations here have catered to die-hard surfer with simple needs. A firm bed, cold shower and cheap food. If you're looking for comfort, shopping, AC, cable TV and fast WiFi, then Bingin will most likely not be the right place.  However if you're looking to experience one of the last authentic beach cultures in Bali in a tiny haven that feels like a holiday from the rest of Bali. Read on... 

Bingin is about simplicity. A beautiful beach, clean sand and water and world class surfing. Tucked away on a limestone cove of South Bali.

There's quite a few guesthouses on the beach. They have incredible locations on the beach and are very affordable by Bali standards. But expect cold water showers, slow or non-existent WiFi and basic amenities.

Because of it's relatively hidden location, few if any tourists find this secret beach. It's still a local's favorite hideaway from the crowds. 

The Beach, Culture and Food.

As far as beaches in Bali are concerned, Bingin is a gem. The thick, pearly white sand is a welcome change from the tacky grey goop in Seminyak and Canggu. From the top of the steps, you're overlooking a piece of incredible coastline. From here, I'm always inspired to surf the assembly line waves at Impossibles and the roaring swells at Dreamland.

Bingin has a bohemian, rustic-chic charm. Signboards are often fashioned from old surfboards. Chalk boards spell welcome messages. And fresh seafood can be ordered right on the beach. 

The salty sea air is thickly perfumed with the fragrance of pink frangipani blossoms. 

The crowds are thin, the beach is wide and there's the space to relax. 

Grab a table in the sand. Order some seafood and enjoy a candle-lit dinner on the beach. Prices are never expensive and the fish is always whatever the fisherman brought in the morning. 

One of our neighbors is stoking the fires for the evening fish BBQ. 

Sunsets on Bingin

The sunsets here speak for themselves. The most incredible part is watching the entire Jimbaran fishing fleet sail out in traditional vessels. The boats are shaped like mustaches with tall bows and sterns. It's very pretty.

low tide sunset at Bingin

Sunset over low-tide in Bingin

The local warungs set up tables in the sand for a sunset fish BBQ. 

The Stairs at Bingin

The biggest complaint I've heard from visitors and guests to this area are the long-stairs down to the beach. The stairs have been getting better and the local owners are always working on improving the treads and making the walking paths more accessible. It kind of reminds me of a Brazilian favela, just without the guns and drug dealers. 

The entrance to the beach might not look too inviting. The beach is after the end of this concrete alley.

The stairs to the beach. There's about 188 steps to the beach. It's not recommended to find accommodation on the beach if you plan on carrying a lot of luggage. In the evening the stairs are unlit, so you'll need to bring a flashlight. 

Bingin is a no-rush kinda place.

Cashew Tree. Live Music & Good Food. 

The most famous and reliable eatery in Bingin is probably Cashew Tree. They do really healthy, clean and fun food. Their smoothies and salads are incredibly inventive and tasty. We like stopping here for lunch, it has a sleepy atmosphere. 

Cashew Tree parking lot. Lots of space to park cars and/or motorbikes. 

The crowd fills up on Thursday nights for live music and dinner. 

Fresh fruits are delivered daily. The smoothies here are their specialty. 

I love the shredded chicken pita sandwich. It's one of the few non-vegan, vegetarian options on the menu. 

Music fills the air on Thursday nights in Bingin. @CashewTreeBingin

Good food in Bingin

Thanks for staying at a BukitVista affiliated property. BukitVista is the largest villa marketplace and hospitality management organization in South Bali. 

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