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Guide to South Kuta neighborhood

BukitVista's top 3 list for getting the most from South Kuta

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Our team is really excited and awaiting your upcoming visit to Bali. As residents of this island for the past ten years, we wish to pass our appreciation and wonder for this beautiful landscape and culture that you're about to experience. Our area is known for it's pristine beaches, dramatic cliff drops and gorgeous ocean views. It's a tranquil area that cherishes Balinese heritage and a surf-chic lifestyle. Come in sandals, shorts or a bikini. Leave with memories washed in sand, surf and sun.

The 3 Must-Visit Beaches in South Kuta

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South Kuta is a wide area with a lot of beautiful, iconic destinations. We recommend hiring a motorbike to explore the area. It's cheap, safe and it's how we as locals move about.

1. Balangan Beach

One of the least touristy and most authentic beaches in South Bali. The thing to do here is to rent a deck chair for $5 USD, order a coconut and enjoy the simple Bohemian pleasure of tropical bliss. We recommend it since the beach is great for surfing, swimmable and has a laid-back 'warung' beach culture. Our hospitality community here offers unique accommodations in treehouses, cliff front eco-lofts and shipwreck cabins with ocean views. Read here the full story on Balangan Beach.

2. Bingin Beach

A beach with boho charm and barnacle accommodations built right into the cliffside. Simple, idyllic holiday in a hidden village with good food, good waves and no bullshit. Read here about our full story on Bingin Beach.

3. Uluwatu - Suluban Beach

The edge of Bali. A spiritually charged land between heaven, sea and earth. Highly sought after by big-wave surf riders and Hindu pilgrims. Suluban beach has a healthy ala favela community of cliffside shacks. You'll find T-shirt vendors, places to eat fried rice, surf photographers and of course the Single Fin cliff lounge.

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