Health is a Holiday Essential: Top 5 Bukit Vista’s Cleanest Property Listings For You and Your Loved Ones!

img Syelynn | June 5, 2021

Have you ever had the extreme urge to go on vacation mode amidst the pandemic, and having to stop and think to ask yourself: “Am I going to be safe?”  Well, you’re not alone! Everyone is longing to go on holidays, escaping the busy city life into a lush greenery paradise, getting up from staring at your laptop for hours to staring at the beautiful sunrises at beaches! We’ve all been there.

Not to worry, here at Bukit Vista, we prioritize your comfort and health. We want to inspire delight and offer the best for you and your loved ones! 

Cue the drum rolls! You’re in luck. In the last month of May, we are going to be sharing our most incredible property listings in beautiful vacation locations with cleanliness ratings over 4.8 on Airbnb (and more)! Impressive right? Props to our wonderful property owners who’ve prepared a refreshing environment for you. You can turn on your vacation mode safely, securely, and with ease! 

  1. Raka & Rai Guesthouse


Beautiful Pool Area at Raka & Rai’s!

Located in Tanah Barak, near from Batu Bolong road, an area filled with many vibrant hangout spots, restaurants, and also beaches! If you need a tranquil and safe stay, this guesthouse at Canggu is the right one for you! From Warung Dandelion to Monsieur Spoon, you can easily access all these trendy and popular cafes from your stay here. Equipped with WiFi, a TV, private bathroom, a bed, and a common room, you’ll make Raka & Rai Guesthouse your home away from home. Averaging at 5/5 ratings for cleanliness, this place will sure help you relax without worrying about anything!

  1. Rumah Taman Kutuh Guesthouse
Look at that greenery view!

For those of you who are looking to treat yourself with a peaceful wellness trip at Bali, this rental is an incredible choice. Located 3 km away from the center of Ubud, surrounded with a jungle atmosphere, perfect for a quiet and calm trip to refresh yourselves! Don’t worry though, there are still plenty of restaurants you can visit around this property! As usual, Bukit Vista’s properties have been certified with a COVID-19 Safe Cleaning Standard. So while you are staying at a 5/5 rated cleanliness property such as at Rumah Taman Kutuh Guesthouse, your comfort and security is assured. What are you waiting for? Take a break from your working life and head to Rumah Taman Kutuh Guesthouse and explore the authenticity of Ubud!

  1. NDBV Lot 3
Spectacular View Directly to the Ocean!

Perhaps you might want to reward your hard work with a bit of a luxurious lifestyle? We have the perfect choice for you. NDBV Lot 3 is a hidden gem located at Nusa Dua. If you’re a fan of art, this place is the one for you. Filled with hand-picked artisanal South East Asian decors, you get to enjoy the elegance of the architecture while viewing the breathtaking sea-view directly outside your room! Equipped with everything you will ever need at your stay, you can also request for a private chef to deliver you delicious food of your preference! A great detox from your busy life, we highly recommended this private estate for a lavish and undisturbed stay. 

  1. Atra Bambulogy
Authentic Bamboo Javanese Styled Bedroom

This 5/5 cleanliness rated authentic lodge is built out of bamboo, to promote sustainable practices! With a touch of Javanese-styled designed bedrooms, book a place at Atra Bambulogy to gain an immersive experience of the Javanese culture. Rich and natural, you can enjoy your stay here with a beautiful sunset and rice paddies view. Located at Umalas,  you can easily access many popular destinations. From cafes such as Nook, beaches such as Batu Belig, and even beach clubs such as Finns Beach Club! All within a 15 minute drive reach. If you’re looking for an authentic escapade, a sustainable stay at Atra Bambulogy is a superb choice! 

  1. Kubu Nyang Nyang 

An authentic Balinese Cabin just on the sunny hillside of Uluwatu Temple! A private space for you and your loved ones, an ideal location for you to explore the exotic atmosphere of Uluwatu. You can get yourselves to Uluwatu Temple just by 3 minutes of walking, and the Uluwatu Beach just by 15 minutes of walking! Equipped with a private bedroom, private bathroom, WiFi, AC, not to mention a communal swimming pool, you’ll have an absolute blast in this warm place. Averaging with 4.88/5 for cleanliness, a lot of our guests mentioned that this one exceeded their expectations. Come see for yourself to find out!

Well, there you go!

We understand that health and safety is one of your main concerns amidst the pandemic, therefore we are hoping that this list of properties maintained by Bukit Vista could be a great place for you to refresh in! Feel free to contact us for bookings, information, or if you want us to manage one of your properties, give us a heads up! If you want to learn more about Bukit Vista’s services, click this link!

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