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Hidden renaissance part of Ubud

After being featured in the worldwide known Eat, Pray, Love movie played by Julia Roberts, Ubud becomes a steal. Vegan restaurants, art market, paddy fields, yoga and meditation are what Ubud is famous for.

Being ranked number 1 among 25 vegan friendly cities for the year of 2019 by a vegan blog, Ubud soaring up high among tourists for its nature friendly destination. However, not far from its famous Campuhan Ridge Walk, located a renaissance art museum named Blanco Museum.

Unlike the recent modern art museum, where people would pose and take pictures of themselves in front of the masterpiece, in this museum you are not allowed to take any pictures inside the museum. You have no other choice than trying to understand what’s the meaning behind each masterpiece.

Built to commemorate Antonio Blanco’s love for Bali, this museum houses his masterpiece. Not only the masterpiece that is being exhibited, the building of the museum itself is an art on its way which represents the Balinese world as seen through Blanco's eyes.

Upon entering the museum area, you will be greeted by local staff and given the frangipani flower as a welcome gesture. A few exotic birds will also welcome you in its lush and green garden area just before entering the main building.

You will feel welcomed by the red-carpet-like stairs guiding you through the entrance of the building, “Mr. Blanco once said that everyone who visits his museum is very important person, therefore they deserve the red carpet,” said the local staff explaining the existence of this red-carpet-like stairs. On top of the building, you will see the statue of Goddess Sarasvati being put in the center as she is the Goddess of knowledge.

Quoting what’s written on their website, this museum is built on 20,000 square meters of land in accordance with the precepts of the Hindu faith. The three stories of the building are symbolic of Balinese faith and represent the Upper, Middle and Lower worlds where Gods, Man and Demons all have a rightful place.

Everyone will have different feelings upon finishing the museum tour. That what makes this museum interesting and different.

If you have any plan visiting Ubud, this one destination might as well be slipped in your itinerary. In case your itinerary got stretched, we have some selection of stays for you to relax and release the fatigue of full day trip exploration.

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