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You Heard it Here First: Holiday Villas Are The Future of Southeast Asia Business.

Here’s Why

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People travel for many reasons; honeymoon, escaping cold weather, celebration, best friend’s wedding, self-searching journey, post-divorce trip, the list can reach the bottom of the page. But actually, the reasons don’t really matter. The point is, we travel.

Travel and Tourism has confirmed its position as the leading industry, generously participating in US$ 7.6 trillion to the global economy or sharing more than 10% of global GDP. We also owe over 292 million jobs to this industry, as a data shows that for every 30 new tourists (or traveler, whatever you prefer to call it), a new job has created. Accumulated them and we
reach the number of 292 million jobs and still counting. Crazy, huh? With a forecasted 1.8 billion international tourist by 2030, this industry doesn’t exhibit a trend of slowing down. Travel is no longer luxury: it’s modern life necessities.

I’m sure you, the readers, also travel. What do you have in your next travel bucket list? Is it another countries in Europe again, or elsewhere?

Despite Europe setting its status as the most visited region in the world with the most competitive market till the very day, Asia Pacific has emerged as a promising rival, positioning as the second largest and rapidly growing market. While Europe and America’s international tourist arrival are both expected to grow by 3.5%-4.5% by 2030, Asia Pacific’s momentum is expected to grow by, wait for it, 5%-6%! Among it, Southeast Asia rises as the new hot kids on the block, dominating Top 5 of Asia Best Destination in recent Trip Advisor list.

Sure, Southeast Asia has its distinct charm. Endless tropical island paradises at low cost, friendly locals, beautiful landscape, and, of course, arguably the nest of most delicious foods in the world. But what really draw international visitors in are how easy and cheap it is now to arrange their trip to the region compared to how it was in the past. With online travel agents like Trip Advisor, or Sky Scanner, also emerging home-sharing trend popularised by AirBnb, traveling to many countries in Southeast Asia is now very transparent, safe and simple. What do people need the most when they travel? cheap flight tickets, yes. But most importantly: a comfortable place to stay.


Responding to the number of holiday accommodation demands that continue to increase, Southeast Asia’s emerging markets are increasingly opening up to foreign investment. The rapid economic growth, improved infrastructure and increasing flight inbound are like magnets to property buyers to invest. This affects a lot of countries with blooming tourism like Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.


Let’s take Bali, for example. Claimed as number one best destination in Asia by Trip Advisor and also the island where 5,697,739 international visitors spent their holiday last year, Bali offers endless business opportunities for those who seek for it. Bali’s property market has seen exponential growth over the past years; return on investment and capital gains on property are
an all time high. There’s a heavy demand and high volume of transaction over the past years, especially in crazed hyped areas like Seminyak, Ubud and Canggu. Since the visitors of Bali range from Gen-Z who have just finished high school, dying to party hard to aged people looking for luxurious getaway, there’s always market for any kind of holiday properties you have in mind: hostel, tree house, luxury villa, mediocre villa, wooden cabin by the cliff, you
name it.

The real question is, after you got a hold of the holiday properties, what’s next? How will you make a profit out of it?

While indeed the investment is promising, it’s not a fairy tale where everything will go to its places magically! Especially when you’re investing thousand miles away from home when there are a lot of uncertainties and foreign things, like, local laws, customs and regulations.

One smart way to overcome these barriers are by hiring local property managers. With extensive local knowledge, property managers know the best price to rent your holiday properties at each seasonal time to always maximize the occupancies, using reliable system to make sure every transaction is safe and protected, even handling your guest from arrival till
check out time! Imagine gaining the best out of your investment while still getting personal benefit: free-time, less stress, less drama and headache

Of course these results can only be expected from a management company who is trustworthy and is a good fit, otherwise it’s just another additional headache to the whole package. Bukit Vista is a property management that has been around since 2012. Starting with only few properties in Jimbaran area, now we are partnering with hundred of holiday villa owners and managing more than a thousand active listings in Airbnb, making us one of the biggest in Bali’s scene this day.

Find out more about us and why you should entrust your investment with us here : Sometimes big things started with a single click!

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