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How big is Airbnb in Bali?

Findings by a two year Airbnb host

As a host for two years on Airbnb, I often wonder how big the size of our Airbnb community is in Bali. I hear it talked about more and more.  In fact, it's becoming a trend now to come to Bali, rent a villa, Airbnb the villa, and live in a small house next door whilst playing tour guide for your guests. But just how far has this movement gone?  How many people are listing their space on Airbnb? I decided to go ahead and just measure how many listings there were in Bali for Airbnb. 
If you find yourself thinking about how to find a good Airbnb in Bali, read our guide here to help you pick a great experience. 
Here's how you can do it and it doesn't involve hacking into the Airbnb database. It's not too complicated. And takes 3 steps and about 5 minutes and works on any Airbnb destination in the world. 
Step 1: Search for Bali 
Search on the Airbnb home page for Bali. No dates specified for check-in and check-out. Make it for 1 guest. This is the broadest query possible and the Airbnb server will return all results in Bali. 
Great. So we get back a lot of results. Look for the total number of listings. It's in that corner between the map and the first photo on the top left corner. It says 1000+. There's also a sliding filter for price.
Zooming in. We find more than 1000+ listings. But how many exactly?
Step 2: Slide the pricing scales 
Here's were the trick is. Look at the price range filter. You adjust slide the price scales and see how many listings are within a price range. 
For example. We start from the minimum, $10/night and slide to $25/night. There are 730 listings.
Step 3: Iterate
I proceeded to iterate through all the price ranges possible. Leapfrog style. Push the right slider up and move the left slider to where the right slider was before. And here's the data. I record the number of listings within each price range. (To avoid getting results that showed just 1000+, I had to tweak it the price ranges a bit so that the results would be less than 1000 in each category)
  • $10-25: 730
  • $25-40: 903
  • $40-65: 976
  • $65-100: 991
  • $100-135: 710
  • $135-185: 883
  • $185-225: 554
  • $225-300: 300
  • $300-400: 526
  • $400-500: 272
  • $500-600: 165
  • $600-700: 125
  • $700-800: 77
  • $800-900: 46
  • $900-$1000+: 166
Screenshots of all the data
Grand Total:
As of Feb 3, 2015. There are 7424 Airbnb listings in Bali. 
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