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How Cancellations will affect your business

Airbnb Cancellation policies for Disaster Situation

Another message from your onsite team here in Bali. Hello fellow property partners. We're experiencing a lot of cancellations to bookings lately.

  • Some are normal cancellations. 
  • Some are due to the Mount Agung eruption 
We've been trying to preserve as many unnecessary cancellations as possible. Guests will feel concerned and worried about flights & their safety. We're sharing this blog now with our guests to only report facts and hopefully make them feel more calm about their bookings.

What happens when guests cancel

One outcome is if a guest contacts Airbnb for a cancellation due to the volcano. If they do, then it's out of our control. The result is typically a full refund.


You can read more about it here:

This is a sample cancellation letter from Airbnb, our primary booking partner. Guests will be fully refunded due to Extenuating Circumstances. This policy overrides all existing cancellation policies

These are the terms highlighted in Extenuating Circumstances. The fourth point about "Urgent travel restrictions... issued after the time of booking... by an appropriate national or international authority"

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