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How to calculate potential revenue of your villa and properties for vacation rental business

Happy Monday everyone!

As people say that Monday is the most hectic office day, it is also probably the most productive and the day when ideas are executed into actions. At Bukit Vista we are doing our All hands meeting to talk about company wide updates and sharing best practices.

It's suddenly coming to my attention that some of our new partner is actually confused when we ask about their expectation: How much revenue you expect from renting out your property? No idea. Sometimes too high, sometimes too low. So to help those who want to get basic numbers, here I present a simple revenue expectation calculator. I hope this helps!

Please keep in mind that this calculator is based on a standard calculation of typical property in Bali. Your property might have another criteria not mentioned here. We analyzed 15,000 booking data yearly to see all the opportunity and individually optimize each unique property, because every property has it's own character.

We are really open for sharing our insight with property owner, don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have unique question!

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