Industry Talk x FEB UGM – “Negotiating With Strong Tactics”

img | November 18, 2021

On October 1st, in collaboration with FEB UGM, Bukit Vista held an Industry Talk, which is a webinar that discusses a theme related to a specific industry. On this occasion, the Industry Talk this time raised the theme “Negotiation with Strong Tactics”. This event was held by FEB UGM with speakers Jing Cho Yang as CEO of Bukit Vista and Nadine Nadilla from Business Development of Bukit Vista.

 Why does this Webinar carry the theme of Negotiation? As we know, in the business industry, negotiation is a skill that must be mastered, so that the decisions that occur can provide maximum benefits for both parties. However, negotiation skills are not only needed for work purposes, but are also needed in the application of daily life. Therefore, adjusting to FEB UGM which focuses on studying economics and business, the selection of the theme of Negotiation is considered very appropriate and will be useful for use in related industries. The implementation of negotiations in Bukit Vista can also be said to occur in daily activities. Nadine, who comes from Business Development, is also involved in negotiating practices almost every day, for example, how we convince prospective property owners to become our partners. Please note that this is not easy and needs to be equipped with good knowledge and tactics. 

The event started with an introduction from the main speaker, Jing Cho Yang. Jing asked the participants what motivated them to join the Webinar. He also explained a little about the relevance and importance of negotiation with everyday life and examples of its implementation, followed by an explanation of the basic strategies that need to be known to conduct effective negotiations such as we must Identify audience, Build Trust / Open Conversation, Discover about the audience, Pattern Match and approach. after we understand more deeply about the other person we are talking to, then we apply some strategies that can make our opponent melt against what we are talking about. 

The first important strategy we need to do is Accusation Audit, which means you have to say the negative/worst things that the counterpart could think, feel, about you. We must make our interlocutors believe that we understand them, so that trust will grow. The next strategy was presented by our other speaker, Nadine. Nadine said that after we did an Accusation Audit and built trust, we had to Build Engagement. Here we must ensure that the communication that takes place is a two-way communication that we understand each other. Negotiation is an information-gathering process. Human nature tells us that people like to prove how smart they are by talking. Yet sometimes, getting the other side to talk about things is the hardest part. we must create a sense of empathy so that our interlocutor can understand what we want and not make rash decisions. Methods that can be used are Mirroring and Labelling. Mirroring is a method where we do repetition of the keywords used by your Negotiation partner. This is done so that the other person understands that we understand what they are saying. Next is Labelling, which means Giving a voice to the other side’s feelings, Let the other side know that you understand their feelings. After we make sure that our interlocutor knows that we understand them, then the next stage is Discovery. At this point our interlocutor is more open and easier to talk to, therefore at this stage we must explore as much as possible about the interlocutor. Questions begin with what, how, or, why. The way these questions hit the brain that actually makes people think and will not come up with one-word answer. Make them Talk. In essence, at this point the conversation is two-way and more fluid, so that in the future the decisions that will be taken will be more profitable because the first and second parties already understand each other. 

The next session was a negotiation demonstration session conducted by Jing and Nadine, followed by a question-and-answer session and closed with a Huddle session. Through this webinar, Bukit Vista and FEB UGM hope that in the future, participants will be able to apply the knowledge they have learned at this event and make it easier to implement it in their respective industries in the future. Negotiations do not only occur in the world of work, but also in everyday life.

 Bukit Vista is very open to holding events like this in the future and also very open to working with parties who want to be involved. Do not hesitate to contact us via email or the number listed, we are waiting for the good news. 

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