Industry Visit #1 – Make Virtual the New Real

img | November 18, 2021
Onboarding (left) and Sharing (right) Session

On October 27th, Bukit Vista held its very first Industry Visit with the Indonesian Tourism Student Association from Jabodetabek (HMPI DPW II). Bringing the big theme of “Making Virtual the New Real”, Bukit Vista has successfully brought the students to a virtual tour around the company. The event was successfully hosted by Biela, Public Relations Intern, where she also invited Andre from Customer Relationship and Reservation and Vera from Human Resource team to inspire delight to the visitors.

The purpose of company visit events where students have the opportunity to enter the office of the company is to allow students who might as well become potential employees to better understand the company’s organizational structure and how the company works. Due to the pandemic, a lot of institutions have canceled their plan to conduct a company visit event because it was impossible for an onsite visit. Meanwhile for Bukit Vista, which always has been implementing the remote working culture, dares to step up and provide students a new way to do company tours by doing it virtually through their Industry Visit Events. In this Industry Visit, the students were introduced to the company through three different sessions.

The first session was the Visitors Onboarding session, which started at 10.00 GMT+8. In this session, the Visitors were introduced to company values and culture by Bukit Vista’s Human Resource Team, Vera. Most of the topics covered are around the remote working culture, as well as what communication and documentation tools are used in the company.
The session continued to a more practical one where the Visitors got to join the actual meeting conducted by the employees. On this Industry Visit, the visitors were visiting Customer Relationship and Reservation Team meeting. Visitors were able to observe and be directly involved in the strategical discussion on how to optimize guest satisfaction through hosting and reservation services. 

Finally, the Industry Visit #1 event was closed with a Sharing Session with the Vistan. Andre, the Vice Chapter Lead of Customer Relations and Reservation Team were the Vistan that was invited to share his working experiences in Bukit Vista. At the beginning of the sharing session, he discussed a little about the meeting that were observed by the Visitors earlier that day. Andre continued the session by sharing his experience in the Customer Relations and Reservation Team, highlighting the change that happened pre and post COVID-19. He shared how the team can still host and engage with guests even though they have to do it entirely online. He also shared one of his hosting experiences where he helped a guest to plan their wedding remotely.

With the very first Industry successfully being held with HMPI DPW II last month, Bukit Vista has officially opened for another Industry Visit request. If your institution is interested in visiting our company to understand more about start-up and its remote working culture, especially in Bukit Vista, feel free to reach out to our PR team through

Last but not least, Bukit Vista is currently opening remote internship opportunities and full-time job vacancies for various positions. To register, you can visit our job landing page for a chance to experience the one and only Bukit Vista work experience!

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