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Internship Selection - Orientation

Understanding Bukit Vista's culture & meeting structure

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Welcome to Internship Selection

Thanks for your interest in a Bali internship at Bukit Vista. The internship journey is rewarding for the right candidates and many of our alums become active entrepreneurs after leaving the Bukit Vista Intern program. For 2020, we're conducting a remote internship program.

The 2019 Internship Program - intern testimonies.

Before we continue your applications I’d like to deliver some terms & conditions for the internship program:

  1. During this time, we’re only looking for interns roles only
  2. This internship program required minimum 3 months length
  3. The internship program will be administered remotely. Our teams are roughly based between Bali & Yogyakarta, Indonesia which is in the GMT+8 time zone
  4. The BV 2020 internship program is an unpaid program, yet interns get the same opportunity as employees to win project bonuses if the project becomes a champion for the company

If the terms & conditions are meeting your expectation & preferences then please do the first task below to continue your application:

Hiring Principles

Building the world's most innovative hospitality company is a challenging yet rewarding journey. At Bukit Vista, we're hiring interns who are the best fit for our vision. The selection process is rigorous and we onboard only the most motivated candidates. We hire primarily based on three important attributes:

  • Growth Mindset
  • Self-Learner
  • Bias to Action
We are looking for highly motivated candidates with enormous growth capacity & strong integrity. As part of our selection process, we've put some simple exercises for you in order to be considered for internship trials. You won't need any special training or knowledge, but you will need to be persistent & show good understanding of Bukit Vista company culture. Please proceed to the Video Orientation Exercise if you're ready.

Video Orientation Exercise

Please watch the following videos below, and submit a title & written description for each of them. Your title should be a concise summary of the main theme of each meeting. The description should be abundant enough to cover the details of the meeting but short enough to be concise and to the point. Your work should be clear enough to make it easier for future viewers to easily understand the purpose of each meeting & the key topics. This exercise should enable you to:

  • Gain experience in BV meeting culture
  • Understand our core values through exposure to our teams
  • Visit each chapter of the company 
  • Understand our tools & technology


  • Open the link to "Start the Exercise" and you should see a Google Form for "Internship Selection Submission Form"
  • Watch 1 video from the videos posted below. These videos are from daily Bukit Vista sync-up meetings. They have not been titled & they have no description. 
  • Your mission is to create the best titles & descriptions for each video so that future viewers will be able to quickly understand the content inside each video. 
  • When you finish watching, go back to the "Internship Selection Submission Form"
  • Complete the form & hit "Submit" when you're done. 
  • Our HR team will grade your responses & email you again within a week for an interview if your work demonstrates a clear understanding of our company. 

Trial Video #1

Trial Video #2

Trial Video #3

Trial Video #4

Video #5

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