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Lead Generator for Market Development

Discovering some of the finest properties in the world

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Welcome to Bukit Vista

We are problem solvers at heart. We take our responsibilities very seriously, but we meet new challenges with a creative, innovative spirit. We provide reports, pay the bills and teams, watch our cash, we also develop solutions that fuel Bukit-Vista's rapid growth and underpin its success. We’re creating effective solutions while maintaining our spirit of fun, energy, and passion. Above all, we're team players. Are you one of us?

Job Description

You're working on the ground as a specialist who plans and executes all Lead Generation Campaigns in existing and new areas.

Market Developer Job Description

  • Outline new high-yield areas across Bali 
  • Index new properties to visit and meet decision makers
  • Discover a target list (of properties) for the CRM Specialists’ assignment 
  • Set up automated tracking and reporting methods to spot new properties

Other Responsibilities

  • Maintain brand presence in the field
  • Monthly reports on trends and insights Plan and execute Drone Flights 


  • Understanding the Bukit Vista core values
  • Excellent non-verbal and verbal communication
  • Curiosity 
  • Self-Management skill
  • Lateral-thinking
  • Self-motivated
  • Divergent-thinking
  • Scheduling
  • Sales or Guest-services Experiences (must have)
  • Basic Computer Knowledge 
  • Proficient in English and Bahasa Indonesia

How does Bukit Vista work? Watch this video and find out.

Employee Benefits

  • Fabulous work environment in family homes, luxury villas, beachside resorts and cliff-top apartments.
  • Very supportive employee environment.
  • Use of Company laptop or Desktop - Apple iMacs, Apple MacBook Air or equivalent.
  • Company phone - XiaoMi RedMi or equivalent.
  • Meals provided - breakfast / lunch / snacks
  • Meeting people from all over the world.
  • Company dinners, happy-hours and events.
  • Work from home allotment.
  • Management level opportunities and career path
  • Generous bonuses for peak-season performance
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