Lifepal Invite Business Owner to Have Self-Protection and Follow Tips & Tricks to Accelerate Business in Digital Era

img Dafa BukitVista | September 1, 2021

The Covid-19 Pandemic is still uncertain when it will end. Thus, it forced us as business actors to increase our self-protection, in this case with insurance, which is a financial product that help us to mitigate all risks. Besides that, digital era has introduced us to the new ways of marketing techniques to reach more customers, accelerate the business. Therefore, it is important for the business actor to learn those techniques of digital marketing with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media, and campaign emails, which become traffic sources for business’ brands.

In order to help businesses get accelerated with digital marketing and have protection, Lifepal invites 8 (eight) SMEs/Start-Ups to collaborate in the webinar activity entitled by “Protection Planning for Business Owners – Tips & Trick to Accelerate Your Business in the Digital Era”.

In the webinar attended by eight SMEs consisting of, Luarsekolah, Gigacover, Bukit Vista, Aku Digital, Telobag, Pinjam Modal, and Sustaination, Lifepal provided tips and tricks for business players to accelerate business in the digital era.

Lifepal also provided knowledge to business actors in understanding protection, in this case the best insurance for themselves so that they can run their business well in the midst of uncertainty due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Head of SEO, Dudung Rahmanto and Lifepal Financial Planner, Aulia Akbar, CFP®, AEPP® delivered the material for this webinar.

“Business accelerates your financial independence. But, are your finances healthy?” open Aulia Akbar during his webinar presentation (13/8).

So, what are the things that should be known about insurance planning for business owners? Let’s fully find out here!

Medical Costs Increased, Day by Day

Data from The Global Medical Trends Survey Reports, published by Willis Tower Watson, announced that the projected increase in the trend of medical costs in Indonesia will increase by 12% (gross) in 2021. This shows that without health insurance, you will pay very expensive fees for every medical treatment and care.

If you currently get health insurance from the office for yourself and your family members, you will not get that facility again if you become an entrepreneur. In fact, insurance can prevent the loss or depletion of your savings due to a number of risks or unfortunate events that you might have. That way, as an entrepreneur, of course you have to protect yourself independently by buying health insurance (asuransi kesehatan).

Reconsider Inpatient Insurance

If you don’t have insurance at all and have a limited budget to pay for health insurance, consider buying inpatient insurance first. Meanwhile, if you have to undergo an outpatient process, take advantage of BPJS Kesehatan. Why prioritize inpatient insurance? Because, there are many cost components that arise when someone has to undergo an inpatient process in a hospital. Starting from the cost of accommodation (room), doctor fees, medicines, laboratories, and other costs related to hospitals. Choose inpatient insurance according to your budget and needs.

Reconsider Life Insurance

If you are the breadwinner, it is obligatory to protect your family by having life insurance. Also know that the older you are when you buy insurance, the more expensive the premium you have to pay. Life insurance provides financial protection when the breadwinner gets an unexpected disaster. The question now is, “How much sum assured should we have?” By knowing the average expenditure per month, you can easily determine the sum insured that must be owned. The formula for calculating the sum assured (SA), namely:

SA = Expenditure per Month x 12
Low risk rate/coupon investment

Those are some things that must be known about insurance planning for business actors. Where without insurance, it will make the family and financial burden so big when the risk comes.

In addition, to accelerate business in the digital era, Dudung Rahmanto revealed several steps that can be taken. However, before that, he first expressed SEO or efforts to optimize websites to get top rankings in search results. “Marketing equals SEO, myth or fact? Myth, because every content creation must be audited for SEO first. Everything must be related to the market demand, ” said Dudung.

Why SEO?

There are 3 underlying reasons why in this era of digitalization, business actors must maximize the use of SEO. First, SEO is cheap, even almost free. The very first step that must be done is to optimize content creation first. Second, SEO has stable growth, tends to increase following market demand. The potential for high traffic with SEO is a must for all industries. Last, SEO is a long-term investment. Produce articles as much as possible in a month, then we wait for the results of traffic growth.

Steps for SEO

Before knowing tips and tricks to maximize SEO to speed up your business, there are several steps that must be taken when using SEO, including:
● Find public issues with your product
● Finish with your content
● Use basic SEO optimization.

Five Preparations of SEO roadmap

The 5 SEO preparations to speed up your business consist of the following steps:

  1. Determine potential keywords that can be raised. What keywords are most suitable for our company?
  2. After keyword research, make new content production (writing articles) on our blog or platform.
  3. Optimization (off page and on page). Informational/transactional content production is carried out daily. Creating a lot of content, it will increase the traffic.
  4. Monitor performance/result how much, drop/flat/do not change how much. Just do content optimization. The index must be correct, that’s why we monitor it.
  5. Rank our page.

Define Keyword Priority

According to the company’s main objectives:

  1. Traffic: Organic visitors from search engines
    ● Seasonal keywords (seasonal): August flight ticket coupons, Mitsubishi Motors promos during PPnBM, and so on.
    ● Evergreen Keywords (there is always demand, consistent): used cars, new Xpander prices, and more.
  2. Leads: Offer something free/latest about your product
    ● Post free car ads without registering
  3. Transaction / Revenue: Qualified transaction keywords; (promotions, cheap, best, and more)
    ● Xpander promos, Pajero promos, and so on.

How Long Does It Take to Get Results From SEO?

The results range from 1 month – 12 months depending on the types, low, moderate or high. ETA for keyword ranking by:

  1. Organic Search Volume
  2. . Google Search Result Numbers (without operator and with all in title).

What Are the Articles That Can Increase Grow Organic Visits?

  1. There is a search volume (>100)
  2. Related to the vertical/product being sold
  3. SEO Friendly/page posts.

How to Rate Our Content as Valuable?

  1. Bounce rate >90%
  2. Avg Session Duration >1min

Tools That Must Be Used by Content Creators

The following tools must be used by content creators, namely Google Console, Ahrefs, or Google Trends to find out our potential keywords.

Checking Out Organic Other Site’s Traffic

An equally important step is to be curious about the keywords used by competitors. Here are the steps to find out what keyword’s competitors are using:

  1. Content: Produce quality and quantity content; includes all organic requests.
  2. Optimization: Increase DROP keyword position every day.
  3. Website Audit: Fix desktop or mobile related page issues.
  4. Align Market Trends: Find and check trending keywords related to your niche.

In addition, other steps that are no less important are researching viral keywords from Google Trend, researching viral keywords from the media, and researching viral keywords from Google news.

Those are tips and tricks for optimizing digital marketing to speed up business for business people and have protection in the midst of uncertainty as it is today. Hope it is useful!

Article source: This article was written by Aulia Akbar, CFP®, AEPP®, Financial Educator Lifepal and Head of SEO, Dudung Rahmanto as part of a collaboration with

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