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Make Over Your Listing Pop Up in Airbnb Search

Written by: Kezia Estha - Research & Development Intern, Bukit Vista

Reading time: 4 minutes

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Listing is a term that is used to describe your property includes written descriptions, photographs with captions, and a summary description of the user profile about the hosts of the property that appears and describes your property well to your future guests in the search platform such as Airbnb.

Based on the data in December 2019 that Airbnb has 150M+ users, 2M+ stays per night, and 6M+ global listings which shows that most of the people nowadays are investing their property to being rent by putting their property in Airbnb so their property can make money for them.

Reflecting the amount of listing competition against each other, property listing becomes an important and vital tool to be the first listing appears in Airbnb listing search so your property listing can become more popular and makes more revenue for you.

That’s why here we as property management company want to share 3 best tips and tricks on how to make your listing pop up and be the first appears in the Airbnb listing search platform. Check it out!

1. Updated your Listing Style

First, you need to update your listing by updating its title and descriptive information of your property. For the title section, you can add emojis or value-added information to attract of your future consumers in the listing research tool, such as add the title that reflecting your property which is close to the upcoming events.

Moreover, on the title you can add information about how close your property to the local popular attraction activities or places that may need change frequently based on the dynamics of refreshing demands each month or year.

Even, by add an emoji in your title can make your title more alive and attractive to click and visit from the traveler that be an important factor for increasing your listing to appears in the first place.

2. Be Responsive

Be responsive is a vital way to improve your listing pop up in the Airbnb listing search because as futuere guests, they need you as soon as you reply to their questions or messages. Furthermore, Airbnb will make money for you when you either make money by being a responsive host.

Other than that, when you become responsive it can gain the possibility to collect many reviews from your guest to your property that may impact your listing search performance in Airbnb. The more your property collects positive feedbacks and gets a 5-star review, the more Airbnb will showcase your property listing.

3. Up-to-date Your Calendar with The Local Events

Updating your calendar means that you as the property owner or the host need to highlight upcoming events or local-culture attraction events or festivals is a simple and effective way to improve your search ranking.

For example, if it’s come to the winter season holidays, you should update your calendar so that you can update your property listing’s description that would contain about holiday festivals that related in winter season or simply writer down about the information of how close your place is to the ski resorts.

Also, being up-to-date with your property’s calendar can decrease the cancellation rate if you are not using instant book in Airbnb, so at the end daily update your calendar could increase your listing in Airbnb.

That's 3 best tips and tricks how to pop-up your listing in Airbnb that can applied in your listing. It's also the best time, because in this COVID-19 situation to maintenance listing is take a high effect for make your listing have a better ranking.

We can also offer a free 20 minutes consultation how to optimize your revenue in this pandemic crysis, because we expert managing properties especially in Airbnb since 2012.

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