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Nyang Nyang beach

Looking for adventure in Uluwatu

One of the best off-the-beaten path destinations in Bali must be Nyang Nyang beach. It's completely off the tourist circuit and it's got just the right amount of reward for the effort. It's relatively unmentioned on the guidebooks and does not draw throngs of visitors, which makes it exactly one of the most desirable beaches in south Bali. A pristine 3 km of golden beach so desolate, you'll probably be the only person on the beach. There are few maps that will direct you here. Visitors can find it via Google Maps, some basic Indonesian to ask for directions, and a motorbike skills enough to handle some rocky roads.
A view of the beach from Google Maps. As you can see, zero hotels, no roads, no cars, no pollution. Just a pristine, beautiful beach. 
This is the beach and coastline seen from atop the cliffs. The reef and rolling waves are incredibly beautiful. The steady ocean breeze is scented by the wild dill growing along the hillsides.
Simplicity at it's best. Just beach, reef and the ocean. 
Remember to bring your own water, snacks, towels and supplies. There is literally nothing on the beach except sand.
And this guy... We found this sea urchin in a tide pool. It was a funny thing and sort of moon-walked on a bed of moving spikes over this rock. 
At the top of the stairs. There's close to 450 steps to the beach from here. 
Here begins the challenge. The stairs are next to the Sanctus Villa in Uluwatu, you'll have to hunt a bit to find them, but the reward is worthwhile. 
The simple delight of being the only people on a 4km stretch of golden, crumbly beach is exhilarating. 
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