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Nyepi 2019

Demon Carnivals and the Silent Day

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Frequently Asked Questions about Nyepi

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As a resident of Bali for the past 12 years, there's no other holiday I've ever seen like Nyepi in Bali. For 24 hours, the entire island shuts down. No cars on the road. No people on the streets. No lights, loud conversations or running machinery. No planes overhead or ships sailing into the harbor. The normally boisterous island hibernates and everyone takes a day to rest and recover.

When is Nyepi?

This year's Nyepi falls on March 7th, 2019. You'll need a place to stay from the evening of March 6th. On March 7th, everything will be closed from 6am until March 8th 6am.

Beauty and the Beast. The contrast of evil demon statues and statuesque Balinese girls in beautiful traditional garb is incredible. 

Why we love Nyepi?

What our family really enjoys about Nyepi is the intimacy and coziness of finding our center again. In many ways, Nyepi is a mandatory holiday, a 24 respite from smart-phones, laptops, WiFi and the constant stream of social media notifications. It also gives us the chance to experience Bali as a guest again and take a holiday in our own properties and neighborhoods.

Some of our staff work on the teams of villagers that create the massive puppets and then parade them down the streets. Incredible artistry!

What should I prepare for Nyepi?

Here's a fast do & don't list for Nyepi. We hope you'll find it helpful.


  • Stock up on food/drinks/snacks the night before. It's a tradition now. There's always a last minute rush of people flocking to supermarkets to buy groceries a day before Nyepi. 
  • Watch the Ogoh - Ogoh parades at the largest local village in your area. The youth in the community have spent the better part of a month preparing these enormous house-sized puppets. They're very Instgram friendly.
  • If your'e staying in one of our private villas, feel free to wander within your private villa. 
  • If you're staying at a resort property, you may go about freely to the pool, restaurant and gardens. 
  • Internet and TV should be on. Sometimes the government says they'll turn it off, it hasn't happened before.
  • Eating and drinking is fine. Meditating is fine. Doing yoga is fine. 
  • Go outside the main doors of your property on Nyepi.  March 17th 6am until March 18th 6am. 
  • Play loud music or speak too loudly. There's a reason it's called silent day.
  • Allow light to escape from the windows or doors of your residence at night. It's ok to have a few lights, but make sure your curtains are closed. The point is for Bali to be totally dark on the evening of Nyepi. 

Perhaps the closest thing I can compare Nyepi to is American Halloween mixed with Brazilian Carnaval.  Lots of street partying, lots of parades & gigantic evil looking puppets. 

What is Ogoh-Ogoh?

Ogoh-Ogoh are gigantic house-sized demon dolls that Balinese villages construct and parade down the street on the evening before Nyepi. Months before Nyepi, we watch as bamboo, chicken-wire and styrofoam slowly transform into the giant dolls. It's a fun process and a lot of youngsters in the villages take part in the construction of these demon puppets. It's a bit of a spectacle. On the evening before Nyepi, all the dolls are brought out of their dens and paraded around the streets, complete with gamelan orchestras, pageant queens and raucous revelers.

The best Ogoh-Ogoh parades are typically in Ubud and Kuta. A few thousand spectators come out to see the processions. 

Where is the best place to watch the Ogoh-Ogoh parades?

The best place you can watch the parades are 

  • From LaJoya and LaJoya BiuBiu. Head east towards the large town of Ungasan. The Nirmala supermarket is often the best place to watch this parade. This will be one of the largest parades in our area.
  • From our villas in Bingin. Head towards Pecatu. Look for the LPD Pecatu building. It's just after the big sign for the Bvlgari hotel. 
  • From our villas in Nusa Dua. Go to the big junction at Hardy's Nusa Dua. There's a Pertamina gas station there too. It's a good place to watch the parades.
  • We usually go to Kuta to watch the parades. They're the biggest on the island, only perhaps topped by the Ubud parades. 

We hope you'll have a wonderful stay with us during Nyepi 2016 and we hope you'll enjoy this special day of Balinese culture. 

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