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Our Beginnings

Pioneers in student travel in Bali

Wayana and I started BukitVista in 2010.  We had a pretty low-tech marketing strategy at the time. We put up "For Rent" signs on the front of our villas and sat inside using the free internet, posting photos of the villa and ourselves on Facebook.  I don't think we had WiFi at home at that point, so it was also the only way we could use the internet, aside from going to a smoky local warnet. 

Awesome times in the villa after a bungy jumping trip with our guests in Kuta. 

Strangely enough, it worked and before long we got our first customer.  It was a carload of Norwegian students in a taxi and they were running around Bali, looking for some villas to rent. Totally unexpected but hey we were in business. So we took them up and down the neighbourhood to see all the properties. They liked it right away and asked if they could pay monthly.  We were quite surprised, since we didn't think students would actually have the right budgets for our villas. 

The next few days, more and more carloads of students came and demanded similar accommodations as their friends.  We happily had the issue of not having enough villas for rent. As I had worked in real estate before, we happily called up all the villa owners we knew in the area and arranged long term leases for their properties. 

Renting out villas in Jimbaran

Our family and the students that stayed with us in the early days.

We got so busy, picking up deposits and inspecting villas, that we basically only had time for breakfast and a late dinner. We were taking students to see villas, sign leases and collect deposits. 

Big massive parties to celebrate the end of season

Our twice annual pool parties held at Asri Jewel Villas and Spa were well attended and anticipated events.

The next semester, we had organised a small villa resort nearby the school for the students. We hosted over 100 students every 7 months, held two large parties a year and from that point on we were hooked on hospitality. 

Our team as of August 2016

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