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Welcome Property Owner

We are always available and responsive. We make property management transparent and fun.

Bukit Vista is a villa rental marketplace and hospitality management company based in South Bali. Our business is built on the solid relationships we have with our property owners and stakeholders. Since 2009, we've enjoyed long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with resort operators and property owners in your neighborhood. Here's a few reasons to consider partnering with Bukit Vista.

1000's of reviews & 10,000's of bookings a year.

We've host on average, 100-200 guests a day, with an annual growth rate of 250%. Average booking value is $450 USD.

How Bukit Vista can help you

As a local, on-the-ground partner, we ensure that your villa is running well and generating revenues while you're not here. We manage the entire guest experience, from contact to check-out. Here's some of the benefits that our property partners enjoy.

  • Managed guest experiences.  We're onsite to assist guests with potential hiccups during their stay. We pledge to meet all our guests in person, whenever possible, and guide their experience.
  • Reputation management. Bad reviews can kill a property's potential for future business. We have successfully accumulated over 2500+ verified reviews on 6 of the largest Airbnb accounts in South East Asia. 95% good, but we manage the impact of negative reviews.
  • Market watch. We check the markets regularly to determine the price & availability of alternative properties. We advise the best pricing for your property.  
  • Coaching. We share often and regularly with our partners. If you're a first time property owner in Bali, we can advise on ways to price your property, taxes and how to attract paying customers. We publish tips regularly on our blog as well. 
  • Guest diversity. We are open to many international markets and host a wide range of travelers. Single travelers. Couples. Groups. We have a customer that's right for your property, year-round. 

Thanks for staying at a Bukit Vista affiliated property. Bukit Vista is the largest villa marketplace and hospitality management organization in South Bali. 

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