Serving Asia Exchange Students with Bukit Vista Unique Property

img | September 15, 2021

On August 9, 2021, Bukit Vista partnered with Asia Exchange to provide suitable accommodation for students coming to Bali. Asia Exchange was founded by Tuomas Kauppinen and Harri Suominen in 2007 to enable students from all over the world to study abroad in an easy and more affordable way.

Currently, AE has boarded more than 8000 students from 90 countries and 600 universities to Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam, Portugal, Italy, Costa Rica, Cuba, and Ireland. 

Through Asia Exchange’s programs, especially in Indonesia, students will get a variety of personal experiences and the most innovative education in over 65+ study fields. The newest programs focus on innovative topics such as business, environment and sustainability, digital nomads, or influencers at one of AE’s partner universities in Bali. Students can stay for a Summer School (2- 4weeks), 1-2 semesters or even a full degree.

Why Study In Bali?

Asia Exchange chose Bali as a suitable spot for student development because Bali is the No. 1 study abroad destination and has unlimited opportunities for activities and exploration of its culture and nature, fit to western standards with an affordable price. Every student can experience a mix of contrast and diversity with people from different nationalities, languages, and cultures.

How to choose a suitable property for Asia Exchange students?

Every student, of course, needs to find accommodation with a good rating, cleaning procedures for Covid-19, and of course at a low price! By collaborating with Bukit Vista as the main partner, each Asia Exchange student can find a variety of unique accommodation options with various facilities such as swimming pools and relaxing outdoor areas, inspiring delight and making a successful and positive experience for them. Not only that, the excellent service and support from the Bukit Vista team gave students lots of tips for local spots and other Bali related questions.

Bukit Vista is open to every Asia Exchange student who wants to stay in Bali. Contact Bukit Vista team and they will provide a list of properties that are affordable and comfortable for you, the future of the world!

Feel the experience of studying in Bali through Asia Exchange!

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