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SuperHosts of Bali

The Top Airbnb Hosts in Canggu

A few days ago, I was flipping through the 7500 listings in Bali looking for a cool villa to stay during Nypei, Bali's Silent Day.  I was shocked at how many two bedroom villas there were in Canggu/Seminyak and also a bit annoyed at how difficult it was to find the right one.  So many of the villas looked the same in the photos. I thought it would be much better if there were a feature in the search to limit results to just the best hosts/listings in Bali. 
So I thought I might go out there and list all the super hosts in Bali, those hosts with lots of reviews and a miraculous 80% 5-star review rate. 
Zoe's Villa - One bedroom villa with private pool
Zoe has a one bedroom pool villa and gets consistent 5-star reviews on Airbnb. Guests leave reviews that the villa is "wonderful", "awesome". 
Marcel's Villa - Boutique Modern Villa near the Beach
Marcel's place enjoys a pool and rice paddy view. He's entertained guests from Italy, China and Singapore. His hosting method is described as "very helpful and resourceful"
John and Steven's Villa - Luxury villa near the beach/pool
John and Steven have this beautiful property near the beach. A guest mentioned, "What a fantastic villa and how lucky we have been to have Steven taking care of us all the time."
Of course, there's many other amazing super hosts in Bali, I've just decided to write about the ones in Canggu for now. 
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