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The BukitVista Mission

Innovative Hospitality in Paradise

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Our Vision

We aim to be the hospitality innovation leader in Bali, delivering the best travel experiences to our guests through the innovative progression of technology and hospitality. Our motto is to "inspire delight".

Our Mission

As professional hosts on Airbnb, we're deeply committed to the global mission of "belonging anywhere". We believe strongly in being the best possible host for our guests through service, transparency and inclusion. We engage guests online and offline. We aspire to be the ambassadors of our neighborhoods, the go-to person of the local scene. We want our guests to see our neighbourhood through our own eyes and feel like they're on the inside track.

We know that a great organization is made of great people. We look to recruit and retain the best talent. We set impressive, challenging goals at the personal and company level. We train our team members to be leaders. Our team works hard and plays hard. We celebrate our achievements, we study failures to learn and innovate, we are motivated hospitality entrepreneurs.

Core Values

  • Tell the truth. We value creative innovation. We dislike politics. Transparency guides the high trust and alignment culture we create. 
  • Be a Hero. As a hospitality company lead by innovation, we display openness and compassion for our guests. When called to go above and beyond, we step forward to the challenge.
  • Step on Toes.  Best ideas rule. Not titles or position. Anybody at our company can speak up without fear of reprisal. 
  • Help others first.  To become a true hospitality company, we anticipated and act upon both the implicit and unmet needs of our guests, partners and colleagues. 
  • Follow up.  Commitment to close deals, deliver on projects, keep good on promises are the building blocks towards building a better future. 
  • Details matter. As we grow, details become more important. We know that correctly pinned locations, beautiful photos, correctly accounting all contribute to a better world.
  • Never settle. Innovation is a process, never a destination. We know that there are things we can always do that are better.
  • Don't assume, use Data. Assumptions stop discovery and true knowledge from developing. We use data to prove our points, justify our decisions. 
  • Fail fast. Innovation is doing new things. New things often will result in mistakes. We're ok with that. Make mistakes, learn and keep moving forward. 

We're hiring and always looking for incredible talent. Send an email with your CV and motivation letter to if you're interested. Our job postings are here.

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