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Updates on the Bali Earthquake

Safety Message to upcoming & resident Bukit Vista guests

To our upcoming & resident Bukit Vista guests

Our team at Bukit Vista wishes our guests to have a safe & happy holiday here in Bali. There's been some recent earthquakes here in Bali, but at the moment there's nothing to be concerned about. The earthquake occurred on the neighboring island of Lombok, 210 km away.

Earthquake safety tips:

  • If you're indoors:

    • Exit the building in an orderly manner.

    • Use stairs. Avoid elevators and escalators.

    • Help injured or trapped people.

    • Inspect the house for fires, gas leaks, short circuits.

    • Check the water supply and pipes.

    • Turn off the electricity and do not use fires.

Aug 6th

  • Last evening we just had an earthquake in the neighboring island. 
  • Magnitude was 5.3
  • So far, there's been 82 confirmed deaths on the island of Lombok, Bali's neighboring island to the east 
  • There's been 0 fatalities reported so far in Bali. 
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