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Why Your Property Is Not Selling Like Crazy

What's wrong and how to fix it.

You give your time and money investing in a growing business of tourism. Hospitality and vacation rental seem to be a juicy business on the island of paradise. All the metrics are matched, the number of visitor are growing, other businesses thrive and earn their slice of tourism industry cake. But you’re wondering, why am I earning less than what I expect when starting this?

This situation is pretty common to find, especially in a growing market with a lot of competition. One of the bad examples is probably you are starting with a bad sales loop: Landowner sold you an expensive land that they proclaimed as “golden location”, then construction developer want you to build big project, bigger than what the market wants to pay, and you left out with the only option to rent your property with higher price than market average that fewer people want to pay, your competitor sell with lower price and take all the guests.

The illustration above is the worst scenario that will be the cause why your property is not performing like what you have planned. If you are not in this scenario and you want to fix the situation, there are some observation and action that we can take to help.

Observation: Understanding all the possibilities

Research your potential market

Go back to the beginning, think like you haven’t build your property and observe the neighborhood for the customer persona:

  • Where are they coming from?
  • Which date is considered busy and not busy in the area?
  • What activity they do?
  • Where did they eat? What is the price of the food there?
  • How many people they are traveling with?

Correct your expectation

compare with market expectation

Don’t be afraid to admit if you found out that you are in the wrong market

This means you are into something

Define your new expectation

Do you want more bookings with low price or less booking with high price? Both lead to revenue achievement but don’t forget to also consider the risk for both strategies.

I made another article about how to set a correct expectation for a certain type of property. It's in a form of calculator prediction. You can calculate yours now here Revenue Potential Calculator.

Do experiment

  • Try to modify your sales strategy one by one and see if there’s any difference
  • If your property is entire villa with multiple bedrooms, try to rent it only for one room
  • Make a special offer for long stay guests
  • Raise the price but include several extra services like free pick up, meals or massage
  • Give extreme price reduction for certain date
  • If your property is multiple rooms with a shared facility, try to rent it the whole place

Make your conclusion from the experiment.

Does your property sell more when it’s cheaper or more expensive but with more service included? What kind of guest that booked? How did they find out? Where else they stay other than your property?

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Now that you’ve understood the customer persona in your area, apply it to your property. Does it match? Guest can’t be forced anymore. They will choose products that matched to their psychography.

  • Match your product to the correct market
  • Configure your property to make it desirable for potential guest whether it’s the price, room configuration, or better promotional material that can you offer
  • Get your property verified by the market (reviews)
  • This one is a bit difficult and involves continuous care of the property. To get more reviews we need more guest, to get more guest we need to be very attractive, even for guest that just randomly see your property.
  • Present better value (photo & price)
  • Meet guest personally and get their feedback
  • Repeat the improvement


You know that all of this process has to be done persistently every day if you want to get the result. It also can take a lot of time while you need to balance your focus between fixing business side and dealing with guest. But after all, if all of this effort will help you back on your business again, then it’s worth it.

If you want to focus on optimizing your investment, Bukit Vista Hospitality Services can help you do the hard work. We market your property on the most optimized platform and match to the correct audience. We use data to analyze your product and take action necessary to boost your visibility, from taking photos of your properties, advertise your place on multiple digital platforms, taking reservation, suggesting revenue management strategies, and we personally host and meet every guest and make sure they leave exceptional review. We track payments and sent periodic report so you can just sit back and relax, while we take care of your property.

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