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Data Science Internship Experience

Exploring the Intersection of Data Science and Tropical Bliss at Bukit Vista

As the sun rises majestically over the captivating landscapes of Bali, I find myself in a truly enchanting fusion of data and paradise. My ongoing journey as a Data Scientist Intern at Bukit Vista has evolved into an extraordinary adventure, where each day unfurls exciting opportunities to delve into the realms of data analytics, revenue projections, and the utilization of cutting-edge AI tools. I am...

Using Machine Learning for Dynamic Pricing

Using machine learning to improve rental property value

As one of the leading property managers in Bali, Bukit Vista is constantly finding new innovations in transforming and optimizing our 140+ property partners to bring more revenue and guests for their rental properties. One of the ways we try to optimize their revenue is through dynamic pricing, a strategy where we adjust the prices of our listing prices to account for changing demand and other data...

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